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After years of declines Uchenna Nwosu Color Rush Jersey , NFL television ratings are showing modest gains.Three of the league’s television partners have shown increases after the first nine weeks of the season while one remains flat. That is welcome news after ratings decreased 9.7 percent last season and 8 percent in 2016.“I’m glad the league has turned the corner. The top teams are very exciting and there are plenty of high-scoring games,” said Neal Pilson, the former president of CBS Sports who now runs his own sports television consulting company.Pilson said a major ratings driver has been the emergence of young quarterbacks like the Rams’ Jared Goff, the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky. That has created a buzz not only with their teams but throughout the league.Another factor is that player protests against social and racial injustice during the national anthem have not been a major storyline this season. Pilson noted that “a few of those folks who said they were going to stop watching I don’t know how many did.”NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” package has shown the biggest improvement with an 8 percent increase from last season. It is averaging 19.7 million viewers, compared to 18.3 million last season.This past Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots averaged a league-high 23.7 million, and was the largest prime-time audience on any network since ABC aired the Academy Awards in March. NBC has seen increases all but one week compared to last season.“We’re looking forward to the second half of our schedule, which features many crucial divisional matchups, the Thanksgiving night game, plus the Week 17 flex game. We expect ‘Sunday Night Football’ to finish atop the prime-time rankings yet again Craig Mager Color Rush Jersey ,” NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus said in a statement.ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” is averaging 11.418 million, which is up 3 percent (11.135 million). Pilson has been critical of scheduling for Thursday and Monday nights in past seasons, but he said the league has made improvements in those areas. ESPN will have one of the marquee games of the season on Nov. 19 when Kansas City faces the Los Angeles Rams in Mexico City.“For years I thought that they were burying those two nights but they have improved dramatically,” he said.CBS’s Sunday afternoon games are averaging 15.713 million viewers, which is up 1 percent from last season (15.528 million). This past Sunday’s slate of five games, which was headlined by Pittsburgh at Baltimore, had a 10.0 household rating, which was up 23 percent from the same week last season.CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus, whose network has the 2019 Super Bowl Jason Verrett Color Rush Jersey , has been pleased with advertising sales for the rest of the season and the Feb. 3 championship game in Atlanta.“There are a number of very good stories. Kansas City is a team of national interest, Mahomes has become a legit star and a lot of the big teams — including New Orleans, Pittsburgh and New England — are playing very well,” he said.Fox’s Sunday afternoon coverage is averaging more viewers than CBS at 17.299 million, but this is a decrease of less than 1 percent from last season (17.414 million).The only package that has sharply declined is Thursday Night Football. It is averaging 12.522 million viewers in its first season on Fox, which is down from the 14.134 million on CBS last season. Fox is hopeful that the numbers can rebound over the next month, which includes Green Bay at Seattle (Nov. 15), New Orleans at Dallas (Nov. 29) and the Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City (Dec. 13).Pilson and McManus think the league’s overall improvements could carry through the second half. That’s even better news for McManus, as he sees a number of potential Super Bowl matchups that would bode well for CBS.“I’m encouraged. There are a lot of good storylines that will carry throughout the next couple months Denzel Perryman Color Rush Jersey ,” he said. “With so much going on that is negative, people are looking for an escape and football provides that for a lot of people.” As we begin the tail-end of the season, Chargers fans are often pretty excited at the prospect of December football.As recently illustrated, the Bolts have had a great record through the late fall while Philip Rivers has been in command.This year has been an interesting one for the Chargers and their clout. While they had knocked out some fairly talented teams, they also lost to teams that were widely considered better than them. Other than a slapstick day at the gridiron against Denver, the Chargers have really played exactly as a top-3 team should: beating everyone 4 or lower!But wait.. they are a top 3 team in rankings, aren’t they?ESPN1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. Kansas City Chiefs4. New England Patriots5. Los Angeles Chargers 6. Houston Texans7. Pittsburgh Steelers8. Chicago Bears9. Seattle Seahawks10. Baltimore RavensCBS Sports1. Los Angeles Rams2. Kansas City Chiefs3. New England Patriots4. New Orleans Saints5. Houston Texans6 .Dallas Cowboys7. Seattle Seahawks8. Chicago Bears9. Los Angeles Chargers10. Pittsburgh SteelersNFL.com1. New Orleans Saints2. Los Angeles Rams3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Houston Texans7. Pittsburgh Steelers8. Chicago Bears9. Seattle Seahawks10. Dallas CowboysSB Nation1. Los Angeles Rams2. Los Angeles Chargers3. Houston Texans4. Chicago Bears5. New England Patriots6. Kansas City Chiefs7. New Orleans Saints8. Seattle Seahawks9. Baltimore Ravens10. Dallas CowboysBleacher Report1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs 5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Houston Texans7. Pittsburgh Steelers8. Chicago Bears9. Dallas Cowboys10. Seattle SeahawksUSA Today1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs 5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Houston Texans7. Dallas Cowboys8. Pittsburgh Steelers 9. Chicago Bears10. Denver BroncosSports Illustrated1. Los Angeles Rams2. New Orleans Saints3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelers (they actually gave Chargers and Steelers a tie for 5th.COP OUT!)7. Dallas Cowboys8. Houston Texans9. Minnesota Vikings10. Chicago BearsPro Football Focus1. New Orleans Saints2. Los Angeles Rams3. New England Patriots4. Kansas City Chiefs5. Los Angeles Chargers6. Pittsburgh Steelers 7. Baltimore Ravens8. Chicago Bears9. Seattle Seahawks10. Dallas CowboysWell, it wasn’t as dramatic a jump as many expected. Actually, it’s a very surprising result Antonio Gates Color Rush Jersey , after the Chargers established themselves as a Super Bowl contender in front of a national audience.One very important detail to add here is that CBS Sports is officially absolutely useless when it comes to Power Rankings. In the minds of the wizards over there, the Chargers crushed one of the best teams in the league... and dropped three places?? I’d say that SpaceX should offer to send these guys to the moon, but all indications point to their writers have already spent enough time with Elon Musk in the room.The Chargers are listed below a Chicago team that just lost to the Giants, and a Dallas team that... well, did pretty good last week.Average Ranking: 5.12Most common ranking: 5.0Avg. dropped by Steelers: 3.7 placesCBS Ratings in 2018: Down 8% from 2017Correlation between power rankings and network ratings:0.000001%-Jason “No respect” Michaels

18-04-2019 02:57
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