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would want you to believe Ronde Barber Jersey White , the veteran defensive tackle has been consistently successful"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 2016 NFL DraftInjuriesFree AgencyGame FilmBuccaneers still getting solid production from Gerald McCoyNew,26commentsDespite what his detractors would want you to believe, the veteran defensive tackle has been consistently successful ESTShareTweetShareShareBuccaneers still getting solid production from Gerald McCoyDouglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports“He’s too nice.” “He disappears late in games.”“He isn’t the player he used to be.”Such criticisms have been thrown Gerald McCoy’s way for a number of years now, which is why news of him returning to the Buccaneers in 2019 was met with complaints from a segment of the fan base. Those complaints and criticisms are misplaced and, in some cases, just plain ignorant. Does McCoy’s salary make up a large chunk of the team’s cap these days? Yes, it does. Has he earned that money and the right to be one of the team’s highest-paid players? Despite what some people want you to believe, yes, he has. His production has been plenty consistent in the last several years. Thomas Bassinger of the Tampa Bay Times provided this nugget on Monday, the same day McCoy turned 31: When you and only six other guys in the entire league have put together such consistency, you’re clearly doing something right. When you factor in the defensive schemes McCoy has played in, that’s pretty impressive.McCoy has been double-teamed throughout most (if not all) of his career, yet he has continued to be a force for the Bucs up the middle. Considering the talent (or lack thereof) that he has had around him in Tampa Bay, what McCoy has done is even more impressive. The Oklahoma product is heading into his 10th season, and he ranks third in team history with 54.5 sacks. If he were to play at least two more seasons with the Bucs and average 7.5 sacks per year, he would tie Simeon Rice for second all-time. Are we seriously going to sit here and say he isn’t worth keeping around anymore? With Bruce Arians coming in as the Buccaneers’ new head coach and an exciting staff coming along with him, things are looking up for the organization. There are plenty of reasons to believe that the front office will go out and add some nice talent to the defense, which would in turn help a standout player like No. 93. As James Yarcho wrote here, McCoy deserves a chance to see things through in Tampa Bay.Is McCoy going to cost a lot if he doesn’t restructure his contract? Sure. Is the scheme fit a question at this stage of the offseason? Maybe it is. But is McCoy still producing at a high level? He sure is. Yeah M.J. Stewart Jersey , if I were the Buccaneers, I’d take my chances with him in 2019 too.Is it Fitzmagic or the Bucs offensive system? When the schedule was released, people freaked out. When it was known quarterback Jameis Winston would miss the first three games, people freaked out some more. When journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick was not going to be replaced by a guy like Teddy Bridgewater, people freaked out.Here we are now two games into the season and people want Fitzpatrick to remain the starter for a very long time.The 35-year-old quarterback has been lighting up the statsheet. In the first two games of the season, he has thrown eight touchdowns to one interception with a quarterback rating of 151.5. Crazy.It’s understandable why people would like to see the veteran signal caller continue under center and not let Winston play again until Fitz falls on his face or an injury occurs. But why not let the young 24-year-old come back anyways despite Fitzpatrick’s success?Many are using Fitzpatrick’s accuracy as their main reason for their argument. Currently throwing at a 78-percent completion rate has people wanting more Fitzmagic. But it’s more about the system and the preseason where you’ll find the answers as to why.This preseason, the Buccaneers scored the most points under head coach Dirk Koetter. It also happens to be the first preseason he wasn’t calling plays and the first preseason where all three of the Bucs quarterbacks saw improvement in their completion percentages.Jameis Winston2018 - 73.2% on 41 attempts2017 - 68.1% on 47 attempts2016 - 59.1% on 44 attemptsRyan Fitzpatrick2018 - 60.7% on 28 attempts2017 - 52.5% on 40 attempts2016 - 55.2% on 29 attemptsRyan Griffin2018 - 68% on 75 attempts2017 - Injured2016 - 58.1% on 74 attemptsWinston put up that completion percentage this past preseason with a shuffled offensive line and wide receivers group. Same goes for Fitzpatrick. And with that, both were able to put up their best preseason completion percentages under Monken’s playcalling. You can say the same for Griffin.Now we see Fitzpatrick putting up his highest completion percentage of his career with an offensive line and offensive weapons that are set, not shuffled. So while Fitzpatrick is most certainly doing an excellent job so far in two games, the same opportunity should be given to Winston — that is to play with a set group of offensive personnel with the same consistent playcalling.What we have seen so far is the offense executing Monken’s game planning which is now being complimented by his game planning. Where as before, Monken’s game planning was being steered differently by play calling that came from Dirk Koetter.So while there is certainly some magic in the air, this new Buccaneers offensive system is what has allowed for the success we’ve seen so far in 2018.***UPDATE***Since people apparently seem to have memory loss on Winston connecting on deep balls and now the attention has turned to that, let’s refresh our memories.This offseason, Winston was committed to get better in that department. He did.He worked on his chemistry with DeSean Jackson and it showed in camp as he hit him deep in stride a few times. Oh, and the one time they attempted it in preseason, he hit Jackson in stride there, too. Here’s the gif:

24-05-2019 04:48
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