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The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
I just wanted to ask you all how you obtained your copies of the new album as I have had a lot of people e.mailing me saying they have found the album impossible to find.... and some have waited 2 months to get a copy.. i think the distribution problems are very bad... its bad news when so many people want to buy the album but can't even find it in the shops....  I also tried to order 10 copies for friends from cdon and they were also out of stock.. What is the promotions and distribution department at Playground doing????

God i'd take a box of the albums and sell them on street corners myself if it would help :rolleyes:

Do we have any information on how many countries the album is now being sold???

I'm scared this album will slip through the net unrecognised for the genius that it is.. that would be terrible..  still everyday i find something new and fresh on the album....

So we ned to unite and demand Vacuum on our radio's,, tv's and in the music stores....

david x
:lovevac:  :lovevac:

I've said I believe that the world is a ship
and the sea that it sails is a cloth with a rip
and the cloth is still tearing and rotting away
with the children who play with tomorrow TODAY....

16-12-2004 11:12
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