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Registered: 24-01-2005
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Hello everyone...I'm new;D I;m from Poland and my english is terrible so please don't laugh...
Ok I'm not a Vacuum fan...I don't know who are they...

I would like to buy their album but it is not avaiable in Poland;/ So can you tell where can i download vacuum' song for free? Not the entire album...

I just wanna download "Your whole life is leading up to this" ,"They do it" and "Mind your mind"...Please help me... When album is in Poland I will buy it! I promise....Thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much...

24-01-2005 08:44

I don't think the songs can be downloaded entirely; I suppose you can hear bits of them by going to the links suggested in the main page of vacuum-music.
If you want to buy the album from Internet, you can go to

24-01-2005 09:09
Vacuum Music
Registered: 11-01-2004
Posts: 558
Witam gościa z Polski :)
I wrote here, but have just found out, that the album will be released in Poland soon. So wait for a little :)
Or, if you have got a credit card, or course you can buy the album online on CDON or Skivhugget, like Cecilia has already written.


24-01-2005 09:31
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