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While it might seem like an easy job to some Daniel Jones Jersey , being a professional athlete requires countless hours of hard work and dedication, while the risk of injury looms large. Athletes get injured. No matter how tough they seem to be, one poorly placed hit or awkward movement could leave them seriously hurt. Every off-season in the NFL sees a few players lost for the year due to injuries sustained while training or in practice. Once the regular season comes along, things don’t get much better. Some players even go through entire seasons battling an injury that they sustained earlier in the year.But there are ways of combating this. Now more than ever, teams are trying to cut down on injuries and bring players up to speed on proper technique when training as well as tackling in games. Safety is a huge concern in the NFL. Concussions being the biggest health problem in the game today, the recent discoveries on the long term effects of such an injury stress just how seriously measures against it must be taken. Most injuries require a specific amount of rehabilitation until the player can recover. They might or might not come back 100% the same but concussions can negatively affect an athlete’s well being well into their lives.Over the course of its long history, the NFL has had its share of memorable injuries. But these instances in the game’s past are not remembered for being great achievements or for giving fans great feats of skill. They’re remembered for being cringe-worthy. Once a player gets badly injured Quincy Williams II Jersey , the intense air of competition momentarily leaves the stadium. It’s no longer about who’s scoring more points or the rivalry between two teams. It instantly becomes about the players safety and the hope that they can recover with their lives intact. Sadly this is sometimes not the case and while most players manage to get back to where they were before their injury, some are haunted by theirs for their entire lives.* Warning: When videos are included, some of them are quite graphic, so discretion is advised. T.Y. Hilton may mix his sports metaphors, but there’s no mistaking his toughness this season.The diminutive Colts receiver has pushed through a number of injuries all season, and lately it’s an ankle. But none of them, he said Ryquell Armstead Jersey , would keep him from what he referred to a a “Game Seven” situation this week. The Colts will make the playoffs with a win over the Titans Sunday night, for their first postseason trip since 2014.“You know I ain’t missing [Sunday],” Hilton said, via Mike Wells of “My same mentality. Just continue to get my body right and get ready for Sunday.”Hilton has barely practiced since initially injuring his ankle three weeks ago, and has been listed as questionable each week.“I ask him how he’s going to do it and he says he’s going to do fine,” quarterback Andrew Luck said. “I say, ‘OK Gardner Minshew II Jersey , I know he’s going to do fine.’ If T.Y. says it, that means it’s going to be true.”They have reason to believe him, because he’s been listed on the injury report with ankle, shoulder, groin, chest, and hamstring issues Christian Wilkins Jersey , and continues to produce. He has 779 receiving yards in the last six weeks, and 21 catches for 422 yards the last three weeks.“I will tell you what, it’s unbelievable what he’s doing without practice,” Colts coach Frank Reich said. “I just think very few players could do what he’s doing. He has no mental errors when he goes out there. It’s like he doesn’t miss a beat. I just attribute that to A, just his elite physical ability. How smart he is, you can’t underestimate how smart of a football player T.Y. is. He just understands the game, and then just how tough he is. I think he’s a rare bird in that regard.”So if the Colts are down in the bottom of the ninth Michael Deiter Jersey , you know who Luck will be looking for.

15-08-2019 02:27
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