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From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 757
Greeeetings to you, my dear Vacuum community!
Finally Im back and I hope that Ill stay here for looooong time.

Ive a question to you concerning YWLILUTT.
While  listening to the new album :whistle: I often catch my self on thought, that the phrase, which Ive just heard could be a really nice and extraordinary proverb. But then the other line comes and never could write them in time, cos I dont want to push pause-button  :wacko: during playing process Could you post your favorite quotations from upper named album, which could be used as proverb or saying. 
Thanx in advance.

Do you know that we will judge angles?
Do you know that the saints will judge the world?
Corinthians 6:2-3
(C)Silent Hill

09-03-2005 19:15
Vacuum Music
Registered: 11-01-2004
Posts: 558
A good question, Brute!
My favourite quotes of YWLILUTT:

  • Go into the void
  • There's only one way out
    Only one way out
  • Weaving a vast web of lifelines
    Into a giant key
  • I resent all the pain
    I take back every stupid word I said
    It wasn't really me
  • Something evil I love
  • Does it help if I pray


10-03-2005 01:28
Vacuumist in the Void
Registered: 25-03-2004
Posts: 527
Hi, Brute !

It's all in what we say
How we live our lives

although I think it would be better if "do " was written instead of "say"   :smile:

Bring on the clouds
Let the raindance begin

10-03-2005 02:38

Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461
My favorites:
1.Little man goes blind
For the light within

2.They are one to need you
One to bleed you
One to kill your time

There is one inside you
One will free you
One will mind your mind

3.From a lonely point of view
I search my inner state of mind


10-03-2005 03:28
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David Haglund
Sacred Vacuumist
From: Sweden
Registered: 04-03-2004
Posts: 133
Hello Brute,

Nice to see you back! Interesting topic! Here are my favorites:

"Like a dragons breath
Over concrete walls
Comes the kiss of death
To the lips of all"

"Through the ether, to your speaker
It goes out to all"

"Open up your mind
Go into the void"

"How do I feel?
All messed up!
But c'mon who is not?"

"In a world of darkness
I need a beacon in the night"

Cut off my nose to spite my face

10-03-2005 04:19
Shining Vacuumist

From: Moscow
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 677
"And the world is still alive
Breathing heavily
All the dreams that I revive
Are ecstasy"

"Hear the sound
Of a rolling thunder rain
To be warm again and
I need a beacon in the night"

" Come on and take me home
As you love me, baby trust this
On a day like this, fools like me can change"

"Made up a window I can't see through
Inside's the angel I got used to
She keeps a part of me

You and I
No words. please try
Speak cos you can't hide
A temporary solution
Stay alive"

10-03-2005 08:42
From: KIEV/
Registered: 30-05-2004
Posts: 313
"They'll never know you well"
"Sometimes yor're with me
I lift you up
I see light in the dark-coloured sky..."
(and all "MYM" lyrics)

"We travel different routes,
But we are still the same"

"Love is all and love is found".

In general I think, that new album is more "rich" for such proverbs, than other, but maybe it's just more devoted to our souls, than to something global.

And what about you, Brute? ;-)

Last edited by Annette (10-03-2005 10:05)

We travel different roads, but we are still the same

10-03-2005 10:01
Highest Vacuumist

Registered: 23-09-2004
Posts: 43
Hello dear Brute! So good to see You back on this Foruum! Really interesting and meaningful question! Well, the proverbs from YWLILUTT:
I like to use in my every day life some expressions from Vacuum songs:
1)when I want to opologize I say I take back every stupid word I said It wasnt really me   :tearsineyes:
2)When I can't find the right words to express something I just send an SMS message You and I no words please try speak cos You cant hide  :blush:
3)When I make some mistake and then want to confess that Im wrong I say I was but a fool  :unsure:
4)When Im in the problem life situation I usually whisper How do I feel? All messed up  :bigeyes:
5)When I have to make a choice and sometimes its a real hardcore I think Theres only one way out  :angry:
And many many others as well. Moreover some of Mattiass words I use during the day like:
1)Put a heart in everything You do it influences me like a magic mantra! I mean it activises the heart centre spreading a lot of love to the people around. It makes the communication easier and warmer! Proved to be very effective by every day use.   :heart:
2)Alls for the better Well, these words make me hope and not to loose my faith in whatever difficult situation Im in. It makes me feeling strong and optimistic!  :dance:
3)Stay creative every day Without comments.   :guitar:
4)Love is all and all is love my life statement!   :lovevac:
Of cause many others as well. All I can add Thankx Vacuum for the wisdom of lyrics and beautiful healing music!

Last edited by Unexisted (11-03-2005 03:35)

Keep love close and don't ever let go

10-03-2005 10:54

Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461
To Annette:

I love lyrics of Mind Your Mind very much too :)


10-03-2005 11:05
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From: Russia, Volzhskiy
Registered: 11-12-2004
Posts: 1257
"We're dead, it's beautiful"

It's so deep. I think :)


10-03-2005 14:18
From: Valhalla
Registered: 24-01-2004
Posts: 576
A million miles in your eyes
I hope you know that I did try
Not a life I deny
But don't you ever leave my side
I'm one in a million
But everyone's the one
We're the chrome and the silver
Reflecting our sun
Wizards of the word
Pilgrims of the beat
You're a miracle confined
I resent all the pain
I take back every stupid word I said
It wasn't really me
For the silence
For the whispers in the wind
The listener I knew
Got lost in the blizzard
The sun will set in east
Hell will catch a cold
To the world you're nothing
But a torn up
Picture in my head
Why don't you scream
Break the seclusion

:claps: Brutik, welcome back :good:  :smile:

"I'll take the shot for you/I'll be the shild for you/Needless to say - I'll stand in your way/I'll take the shot for you..."

:whistle: I will talk and Hollywood will listen :tongue:  [RW]

10-03-2005 21:17
From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 757

  • I've been burden by the hands of fate
    Im using such quotation in case if independent circumstances become a reason of my problem(s)
  • I have the night in me
    In case if someone is trying to prove me that he/she knows me well.
  • No more, no cry
    Cuddle up inside
    No fear child
    If somebody is nervous Im trying to calm down this person (or my self sometime)
  • I hope you know that I did try
    If Im explaining some kind of activity or result of it, which has no success.
  • I've seen through the dream-time
    A world upon it's knees
    If somebody is too optimistic and trying to build his plans without any other basement Im giving him such quotation.
  • Little man goes blind
    If somebody misunderstands something. The result of using such quot. is extremely interesting, if person is selfish.   
  • Some have come to shine
    From the roofs and streets
    If Im trying to explain thats there is no matter where did that person came from, more important his/her activity. 
  • Cut them out
    Trust the one's that you know
    If  he/she is naive in relationships Im warning in such way.
  • There is one inside you
    One will free you
    If somebody is searching for advice or help in such situation where I cant help.
  • I see light in the dark colored sky
    If someone is in bad mood or falling into entire pessimism.
  • Open up your mind
    Im using this line if someones point of view or the spectrum of his interests is too narrow. 
  • And the blood keep running cold
    When smbd cant understand his fault or person doesnt want to help (change attitude) even after explanation of the problem.
  • I take back every stupid word I said
    It wasn't really me
    When I apologize
  • Guess our whole life's meant to be
    A thing that one should learn
    If it's sorrow that I feel
    No return
    Im using this verse like an argument in case of explaining the irreverent nature of our actions.
  • In a minute you will see
    If someone makes his decision in hurry. 
  • No one to ask besides the moon
    Sometimes answer or solution is inside of person, and no one can help except his/her own and this line to solve problem.
  • Nothing's cold to me enough
    Im using it in situation, when new life obstacles are nothing against some previous event. 
  • I (you (or sometimes we all) ) need a beacon in the night
    If person is confused and Im trying to explain thats it is not the end, its just such kind of natural life period during of which something or someone is necessary for surviving. 
  • From a lonely point of view
    From my p.o.v.
  • Will you listen when I say?
    If person is asking my opinion, but only cos of the politeness.
  • And it's all absurd to me
    When smbd is trying to give me a disinformation about things that I know or untruly whispers and rumors.
  • And if my life was built on dreaming
    Then I was but a fool
    If someone is living in a fantasy ;-)
  • And I'm down here on my knees, Fools like me can change
    When I apologize
  • I kept on guessing my own feelings
    When Im not sure about my attitude to something or someone.
  • "It's easier
    I made you dead"
    Well, Im a gamer, so often I use that quot is someone verses me on a fight and loose.
  • Made up a window I can't see through
    If persons arguments are not clear to me, or I see that he/she lies to me, trying to convince something, or I see no sense in his words.
  • A temporary solution
    Stay alive
    If its possible to solve some kind of problem, but the key will appear later.   

Last edited by Brute (11-03-2005 05:00)

Do you know that we will judge angles?
Do you know that the saints will judge the world?
Corinthians 6:2-3
(C)Silent Hill

11-03-2005 04:55

Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461

:rab:  :rab:  :rab:  :rab:  :rab:  :biggrin:


11-03-2005 04:58
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From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 757
:^) Youre right, Alex, I can name YWLILUTT as a live guide for me.
Uhm.. Alex, please, keep posting in English, ok?

Last edited by Brute (11-03-2005 05:09)

Do you know that we will judge angles?
Do you know that the saints will judge the world?
Corinthians 6:2-3
(C)Silent Hill

11-03-2005 05:08
Dead Vacuumist
From: Spb
Registered: 29-01-2004
Posts: 219
It isn't a topic, is's a pure depression. :diebadly: Why, every phrase means something.

I've locked my heart, I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart with icy, frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

11-03-2005 05:13
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