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Let’s examine the second tackle the Texans selected in the 2019 NFL Draft." 2019 NFL DraftReal Tytus Howard Jersey Womens , Actual, Thought-Provoking Texans AnalysisThe Film Room2019 NFL Draft: Taking a Closer Look At Max Scharping New,38commentsLet’s examine the second tackle the Texans selected in the 2019 NFL Draft. CDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:2019 NFL Draft: Taking a Closer Look At Max Scharping TwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by Steven Branscombe/Getty ImagesBefore the 2019 NFL Draft, I had the following to say about Max Scharping: via Gfycat via Gfycat via GfycatThat was then. This is now. Since I wrote that, Scharping became a second round selection of the Houston Texans. Typically, I would have waited to see Scharping play in a season or two, decide if he’s good or bad, and say, “Yes, I was right” or “Team ‘X’ taught him how to do ________,” or “I was completely wrong” and then go back and see why. Never would I be revisiting something this early again. There’s too much life out there. The sun feels too good. But since the Texans selected him in the second round Black Tytus Howard Jersey , so I felt it would be worth my time to go back and take a look at him again. After revisiting Scharping, I feel better about the pick than I originally did. His size is a problem for defenders. Even if he catches defenders with his body instead of his hands, his anchor should be good enough to swallow up most defenders.via GfycatIn the run game, Scharping is better than I thought he was. It’s hard watching college video and seeing so many blocks that have zero resemblance to the pro game. So many of Scharping’s run blocks were backside shielding, not true backside double teams, or one-on-one blocks with zero effect on the play itself. He can block down pretty well to move the defensive tackle inside and off the guard. He can reach the defensive end. These are good things. Scharping does have issued with vertical movement, though. He should demolish smaller defensive ends off the ball with his size. But he catches too much and needs to explode once contact is made. The red wire is snipped once the alarm clock numbers hit 0:01. Ahhh, disaster was so close.via GfycatThe key for Scharping is that he absolutely has to fix his hands and pass set. He falls off run blocks way too often and again, he doesn’t create enough movement, which is partly due to his hands. There isn’t enough of an impact when he makes contact. In the pass game, this shortcoming gives defenders second and third opportunities to get after the quarterback. Scharping turns way too often when pass protecting. Instead of an angular kick-slide White Tytus Howard Jersey , he’s turning and inviting the wrong one in, opening the door for spins and inside moves. Here he eventually turns because he delays contact for too long, even after a decent pass set. Pass blocking can be aggressive. Linemen become passive in pass protection when the hands are meek.via Gfycat via GfycatScharping was fortunate to have the left guard he had next to him. That left guard was able to help him against inside moves and seal off the counters that took advantage of all the turning and opening. A proper pass set should correct these problems. Scharping has shown he has the feet to meet the defender at the point of attack, even if he doesn’t show the hands to end the pass rush right then and right there. Occasionally, he does kick-slide correctly; when he does, it looks pretty, fluid, and natural.via GfycatWhen he kick-slides and has the hands properly utilized, the body is too strong for the defender to recover. Scharping becomes insurmountable.via GfycatYou can name any Week One offensive line combination for the Texans in 2019 and I would believe it. Matt Kalil-Senio Kelemete-Greg Mancz-Zach Fulton-Tytus Howard?Sure. Julien Davenport-Martinas Rankin-Nick Martin-Tytus Howard-Max Scharping?Let’s do it. There isn’t an unthinkable permutation. Yet when it comes to Scharping, I assume he’ll sit and watch unless things become so disastrous that he’s forced out there like Martinas Rankin was at left tackle in 2018. Hand correction for offensive linemen is like accuracy for quarterbacks. It rarely gets better, and if it does Youth Tytus Howard Jersey , it’s a long-term project. Scharping’s pass set is also going to take time to correct. From a future perspective, I like the pick more than I did on Saturday.From a 2019 perspective, I’m not expecting much.The Film Room: Why Carolina’s Offense Didn’t Work If you are fond of videos that are long enough to fill an entire lunch break and you happen to enjoy watching the consequences of bad coaching decisions, boy, have I got a great show for you!This week’s episode of The Film Room is all about the enigma that is Mike Shula — the former Panthers offensive coordinator (now with the Giants) who is both simultaneously a genius play designer and an awful play caller. We’ve even got a little cameo by Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers as well! Even better, this ode to the frustration that is Carolina Panthers fandom is nearly twice the length of a normal episode! Hurray!Please enjoy the show.While you’re at it, take some time to think about the Panthers fans in your lives. If you have witnessed them going through an existential crisis for the past several years and always wondered you know.

10-11-2019 21:58
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