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As the saying goes (I think) Marshall Faulk Jersey , wisdom often never arrives at all, it’s better that it show up late.For the NFL, it wasn’t wisdom so much as it was desperation that forced the league to pull the plug on Monday night’s Chiefs-Rams game Mexico City. The field had disintegrated to somewhere between prison yard and post-apocalyptic, and there was no amount of emergency sodding that was going to make it suitable for NFL football by Monday night.So here’s the question that may never be answered: Why did it come so close to happening? The concert that tore up the turf occurred on October 11, more than a month before the plug was pulled. What did the league think would occur between then and now to allow the field to meet the NFL’s standards?Although the NFL avoided the ultimate embarrassment of insisting on playing the game and having players refuse to play at all, the fact that the league had to throw in the towel on the Mexico City game only six days before playing it is embarrassing enough.Whatever the explanation, it’s hard to understand why efforts weren’t immediately undertaken to assess the situation and to remedy it. It’s impossible to understand why the rip cord wasn’t pulled until six days before the game.The explanation could be simple. Whoever was in charge of the game (Mark Waller oversees the league’s international operation) possibly knew what was coming and opted to delay the inevitable awkward meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell, who undoubtedly blew his stack when he’d found out that the league had blown its now-annual Mexican excursion.Then again, there’s a chance the NFL had an inkling that things could go sideways this year. Why else would the Rams and Chiefs have a bye over Thanksgiving Nolan Cromwell Jersey , a weekend during which the playing of three games on Thursday will leave only 10 in the early- and late-afternoon broadcast windows? Maybe the league gave the Rams and Chiefs a post-Mexico bye to account for the possibility that the decision to not play in Mexico would come at a time when it was too late to reschedule it in L.A. for the same day, forcing the game to be played in L.A. the following Sunday or Monday. See C.J. run. Run, C.J., run.See Todd run. Run, Todd, run.C.J. Anderson and Todd Gurley both rushed for more than 100 yards in leading the Rams to a 30-22 victory over the Cowboys that didn’t feel that close. The Rams ran for 273 yards, gained 459 total yards and punted only once. They scored on six of nine possessions, missing a 63-yard field goal on the final play of the first half, punting on their seventh possession and kneeling in victory formation to end the game.Anderson’s 1-yard touchdown run on fourth down with 7:16 remaining gave the Rams a 15-point lead. The Cowboys got it back within a one-possession game with 2:11 left on a 1-yard Dak Prescott run Kurt Warner Jersey , but with the Rams facing a third-and-seven, Jared Goff ran for 11 yards to ice it.It sends the Rams to their first NFC Championship Game since 2001. They will either travel to New Orleans next weekend or play host to the Eagles.Anderson had 23 carries for 123 yards and two touchdowns, and Gurley 115 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries in his return from left knee inflammation that kept him out the final two regular-season games.Goff’s run, though, was as big as any in the game, ending the Cowboys’ chance at a comeback. He completed 15 of 28 passes for 186 yards.The Cowboys ranked third against the run this season, had allowed only three 100-yard rushers and held the Seahawks, the top-ranked rushing offense, to 73 rushing yards last week. They had not allowed two backs in the same game to rush for 100 yards since Dec. 20 Joe Namath Jersey , 2008, in the final game at Texas Stadium when La’Ron McClain and Willis McGahee did it for Baltimore.The Cowboys ran for only 50 yards, as Ezekiel Elliott had 20 carries for 47 yards and a touchdown and Prescott two carries for 3 yards and a touchdown. Dallas had 308 total yards.The Cowboys went 1-for-10 on third down and 3-for-4 on fourth down.Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh had perhaps his best game of the season, with four tackles, two quarterback hits and a tackle for loss, and Aaron Donald was dominant, with two tackles and a tackle for loss.

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