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What does the configuration of the schedule mean for the Texans?"As we learned last year Kendall Lamm Jersey , the scheduling of the NFL season can make or break a team.Last year, the Texans could have been home for the NFL Playoffs with a bye if their Week 16 Eagles game took place earlier in the season, when Philadelphia was struggling.Although the schedule does not affect how well teams perform, it is significant in how teams shake out at the end of the season.Let’s break down the Texans’ 2019 schedule by dividing it into four quarters, with each quarter being comprised of four games.Weeks 1-4: @ Saints (MNF), vs. Jaguars, @ Chargers, vs. PanthersTo open up the season with the Saints on the road is a major YIKES!The last important NFL game to take place in New Orleans was the NFC Championship, where the Saints lost controversially and unexpectedly.Now the Saints will come marching in with all eyes on reversing their fortunes by beating the Texans for all of America to see on national TV.If it is any consolation, the Saints fell to the lowly Bucs during their home opener last year after losing the previous year in the playoffs to the Vikings in the Minnesota Miracle.I would not tab the Saints as an automatic win or loss just yet. It could be a benefit to play the Saints early in the season before they get into a rhythm.Or it could be the worst case scenario.As for the other games to begin the season, the Jaguars pose as a winnable game in Houston’s home opener, and playing the Chargers early in the season might also be a benefit.These are the games that players will miss with four-game PED suspensions or by being placed on the PUP list.I think 2-2 is difficult with this first foursome, but achievable. Weeks 5-8: vs. Falcons, @ Chiefs, @ Colts, vs. RaidersThe home games in this stretch are winnable, but they are sandwiched around two very difficult road games against playoff teams from a year ago.This means that defeating the Falcons and Raiders will be two very important contests for the Texans, as the Chiefs and Colts games are two games the Texans will be expected to lose.If the Texans can go 2-2 in this quarter, it will be an accomplishment. Going 3-1 or 4-0 would be phenomenal, and the Texans would be considered as a playoff threat at this point in the season.If the Texans can get to 5-3 Joel Heath Jersey , I’d be very content. 4-4 wouldn’t be bad either. 3-5 or worse is very possible and would worry me.Weeks 9-13: @ Jaguars (London), BYE, @ Ravens, Colts (TNF), Patriots (SNF)Here comes the true gauntlet in Houston’s schedule.The Texans play their first game in franchise history outside of North America when the team faces the Jags in LondonThe Jags are a beatable opponent, but it will be interesting to see how the Texans will adjust to playing in London against a team with a lot of players with London experience. It could cause the visitors to slip up and fumble a winnable game.After the team returns home and enjoys their bye, the toughest three-game stretch in the 2019 schedule awaits.All three opponents in Weeks 11-13 played extra football last season. The Ravens can improve in Year 2 of the Lamar Jackson era, and the Texans have never played particularly well in Baltimore.Then come the Colts and Pats, the two teams that have given the Texans the most trouble as of late, both of which will be played in primetime.It would be nice for this to be the time where the Pats hit their midseason slump or for the Colts to be ailing on a short week, but recent history suggests that neither will happen.If the Texans can get two wins out of this quarter of the season, I’ll be impressed.Weeks 14-17: vs. Broncos, @ Titans, @ Bucs, vs. TitansThe best part about Houston’s schedule is that four of the final six games take place at NRG Stadium.Kareem Jackson makes his return to Houston in Week 14 as the Broncos face his former Texans.The Broncos game could be a season-saving game if the Texans win, so the team will need to be sharp on that day.Then comes the unusual two games in three weeks stretch with the Titans and Bucs sandwiched in the middle.It’s very possible that the Titans could be eliminated from playoff contention at this point in the season, which will help the Texans chances. Then again, the Texans might also be eliminated from playoff contention if they cannot get past the prior midseason gauntlet.The Bucs on the road in December is an excellent part of the schedule. The Texans struggled last year playing the Eagles so close to Christmas.The coldest game of the year might come in Nashville during Week 15 or maybe Baltimore in Week 11.This final quarter is probably the easiest for the Texans, so if the team can stay in playoff contention for the first twelve games, they’ll have a great chance to make the playoffs with a favorable schedule to end the season.The Texans had the easiest schedule in the league last season based on win percentage. Now D.J. Reader Jersey , their strength of schedule ranks fourth in the league at .527 based on last year’s strength of schedule. It’s definitely a big change, but the Texans’ win-loss record won’t come down to who they play and when they do, but rather how they play on the field.What’s your best guess as to how the Texans will fare in 2019? Hear me out."Don’t get me wrong.Watching Le’Veon Bell run all over the Jaguars, Colts, and Titans twice a year would be a great thing. And the scary flip side of Houston not signing Bell is him landing with the Colts.But good leadership is never motivated by fear. While Bell is one of, if not the hottest names on the free agent market right now, throwing crazy money at him as ESPN’s Sarah Barshop suggests is plain insane. Throwing that sort of cash at a pair of offensive tackles will go much farther in fixing what ails the Houston Texans’roster than any single running back ever could. In fact, there’s no guarantee a prime Arian Foster or Earl Campbell could run behind Houston’s current offensive line, so committing nearly a third of Houston’s available cap space to a tailback who may or may not have character issues, may or may not ever “try to be the best teammate” he can be, and may or may not stay healthy for an entire season is an all splash no substance move for sure.Nevertheless, here’s what Barshop wrote:What about the O-Line? Cornerbacks? Kareem Jackson? Wide receiver? Putting all that cash into one facet of the game, just to watch him tilt at the windmill of the O’Brien A-Gap behind the worst line in the NFL—a line Houston can’t upgrade solely in the 2019 NFL Draft—would simply be gross mismanagement. Thankfully, Brian Gaine, not Sarah, is the general manager (nothing against Ms. Barshop, I’m sure she’s an awesome human being, just not a cap guru). In another piece, Barshop continued to stump for Bell:The mention of Deshaun Watson is highlighted for effect: As if Watson suddenly won’t add to Houston’s run game next season? While re-signing Jadeveon Clowney is a must/no-brainer, only focusing on skill-position players is what creates losers. Committing well over half of the available cap space to two players Christian Covington Jersey , on a team with needs at o-line, cornerback, d-line, wide receiver, running back, and tight end, makes no sense. How can you address all those other positions with $32 million, which is roughly what would be left after signing Clowney and Bell? With Pro Bowl offensive linemen cashing $10 million or more per year paychecks and cornerbacks making slightly more, you could eat up all the rest of the cap space with an LT, RT and CB with nothing left to sign the impending crop of draft picks...much less offensive guards, defensive tackles, wide receivers, or anything else. With very, very few exceptions, NFL champions are built in the trenches. Teams with the ability to block in the run and passing game, and teams able to stop those facets of their opponents, are the teams that win. When was the last time you saw the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys or 49ers advance to the Super Bowl with bad line play? In fact, with the exception of the Peyton Manning led Broncos Andre Hal Jersey , none of the top five teams to appear in the Super Bowl did so with a below average o-line. Sure, having Le’veon Bell on the Texans would be great if this was Madden and we turned the salary cap off, but bringing him to town in lieu of so many other pieces this team needs is wasteful and short-sighted. There are plenty of quality running backs Houston can choose from for far less money. If it were a guarantee that Bell would rack up 2,000+ yards, 20+ touchdowns and help Houston hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of next season, throw the check book at him and let him write in whatever crazy number he wants. Reality and history show that signing a big name free agent to a giant contract is seldom a guarantee of postseason success.Not to detract from Bell’s abilities in any way, but his success with the Steelers is no guarantee he’ll succeed anywhere else, especially in Houston. If Houston wanted to throw money at an ex-Steeler, they’d be better off going after Antonio Brown, who could be had for far less than Barshop’s proposed $26 mil a year, wouldn’t need to have the offensive line fixed to contribute immediately, and would essentially be plug-and-play in H-Town’s offense. Odds are, neither will happen.Keep your eyes peeled for Trent Brown, Ju’Wuan James, and a possible a draft day trade for Patrick Peterson long before any of the Iron City (un)faithful end up in Houston.

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