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Registered: 15-08-2021
Posts: 7
Good evening I would like to talk about modern medicine, I know it's not a popular topic but I would like to learn something new from you. Especially nowadays there are a lot of interesting things in medicine.

17-09-2021 11:00

Registered: 18-09-2021
Posts: 2
Here I completely agree with you, it's a rather unpopular but interesting topic. I would like to discuss it with you, but I don't have enough knowledge to tell you anything, because I know almost nothing about medicine. But I do know one site where there are a lot of articles about medicine and different diseases. Look at maybe that's what you need.

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18-09-2021 09:14

Registered: 15-08-2021
Posts: 7
Well, at least I have someone's support. And thank you for that. I'm glad there are people like you who help others. So I will definitely check out this link and hope it helps me a lot.

22-09-2021 10:24

Registered: 15-07-2021
Posts: 8
There are forums that could give an exact info about modern medicine.

Madi from Bathroom Remodel Tacoma

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11-10-2021 01:31

Registered: 04-10-2021
Posts: 2
Today, most medicines are produced through chemical processes. Scientists, through research and careful study and testing, can isolate the chemicals in plants and animals that cure certain ailments in Portland. Over time, they're able to create those substances artificially and use them to produce medicines.

13-10-2021 22:51

Registered: 14-10-2021
Posts: 1
The best modern medicine I think has nothing to do with pharmaceutical companies, its all about that natural herb. Cannabis. I know its not a popular opinion but theres also CBD which i believe has helped me deal with anxiety a lot more than modern medicine which makes you rely on it over the years. Anyway follow us to learn more about what we do.

14-10-2021 14:09
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