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Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978
Dear Vacuumized girls!

:flower:  I want to congratulate all of you with Women's Day.

Wish you a lot of love :heart: , happiness :biggrin: and health. Let them be with you not only on that beautiful day but all the time!

And, of course, I wish you a lot of new songs from :vlogo: Vacuum.

06-03-2004 01:54
The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
Hi being from the UK we dont have such a day but I send love and best wishes to  all of the girls here and hope your dreams come true..

David x

I've said I believe that the world is a ship
and the sea that it sails is a cloth with a rip
and the cloth is still tearing and rotting away
with the children who play with tomorrow TODAY....

06-03-2004 12:55
Registered: 02-03-2004
Posts: 7
Thank you Vacuum guys !   :heart:

I just want to say few words about Vacuum girls ... I am only recently here but I noticed how girls here are very dear, sincere , have a mind of their own and have grace !!! 

And that is something you can't find easily ...

They " keep their goals alive and spirits high "  !!!  ( dear Svetlana I loved reading your post about one real love ... stay like that as long as you can  :heart: )

precious girls ... I am only sad because I think they will never have a man that will appreciate that enough and love them the way they deserve ...

But, let's hope ...

08-03-2004 05:36
From: Silent Hill
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 757
Dear girls. I wish you happiness, and peace!

I've made a special post card, so pls. leave me your e-mail to receive it.

Do you know that we will judge angles?
Do you know that the saints will judge the world?
Corinthians 6:2-3
(C)Silent Hill

08-03-2004 11:38
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