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High Vacuumist

Registered: 13-02-2004
Posts: 31
As most Vacuum (official) releases are mainly only released in Sweden, I was wondering how many sales of Culture Of Night and Starting.... have managed in Sweden.

I have no idea how commercially succesful Vacuum are currently and also previously.  I read on Subspace that I Breathe sold 23,000 copies. To me, that's less than I thought it would have been and I'm also curious as to how many sales of previous (official, not bootleg) releases?

Can anybody advise, as I have no concept as to where Vacuum are in the visibility, promotion, backing, sales etc...  in the mainstream?


"....ridicule is nothing to be scared of....."

11-03-2004 08:42
The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
Thats a hard one Des as most of vacuums sales in Russia and surrounding countries have been bootlegs or pirates.. some of them are just aweful quality     I got one called 300% Greatest Hits???? and the tracks are not even spelt correctly and then i got another one Super vacuum and its not even vacuum but a mixture of vacuum and AOL....   I Breath went Platinum in Sweden which I am told is very rare.. it also sold well in germany and some other eastern European countries i am told... I have tried looing for sales figs before but no luck I'll try and ask mattias next time I speak to him...

David xx

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11-03-2004 10:27
David Haglund
Sacred Vacuumist
From: Sweden
Registered: 04-03-2004
Posts: 133
I read somewhere that Vacuum sold 2 million albums (TPC) in Russia, which is better than Madonna's Ray of Light, which was released at the same time. But... 90-95 % of the sales were pirate CDs...

Like Mattias said, "Somewhere, a Russian mobster is driving a BMW which my work paid for"...

As for Sweden, I don't know, but I wouldn't think there'd be much sold. Vacuum have never been that popular here, with the exception of "I Breathe", of course.

/David H

Cut off my nose to spite my face

12-03-2004 10:06
Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978
It is usual for Russia to buy pirates’ disks. Who will buy the real album which costs 350 - 650 rubles when he can buy a pirate copy for 75 - 90 rubles? -- Only the real fan.
But there is a good trend in Russian audio market. We’ve already started to buy official disks of Russian musicians and official Russian releases of foreign musicians' albums because they became just slightly more expensive than pirates' ones (100-135 rubles).
As for Vacuum, it became popular only in summer '98, and the only album completely copied by pirates was Seance At The Chaebol. There were a lot of various disks containing all Seance’s songs plus some songs from The Plutonium Cathedral but I have never seen a full copy of Plutonium. Only the real Vacuum fans knew of its existence.

12-03-2004 15:15
High Vacuumist

Registered: 13-02-2004
Posts: 31
David H,

I wasn't aware that Vacuum are not particuarly popular in Sweden, I thought that they still sold a resonable amount of cd's.....

How well did Starting.... do in the Swedish charts then?


"....ridicule is nothing to be scared of....."

15-03-2004 05:35
High Vacuumist
From: Frankfurt am Main / Germany
Registered: 10-02-2004
Posts: 25
I´m very disquiet to hear about the pirat copies of the Vacuum-albums. I think this is the problem of every musician. Therefore this forum is the only place where I am telling now, how much I´ve paid for the original album "Seance at the Chaebol", which I have since a few weeks. It was the big big sum of 150 Euros. It was my most expensive CD I´ve ever bought, but I wanted to have it absolute!  :smile:
Now I have all four released albums!!!
So I think I can say, that I´m one of the real Vacuum-fans...  :grouphug:

:lovevac:  :lovevac:  :lovevac:  :lovevac:  :lovevac:

15-03-2004 05:49
Registered: 02-03-2004
Posts: 7
Oh my God Andrea  :blink:

and I thought mine 25 Euro was pretty much ... it was actually about 22 Euro when I convert it exactly to Euro, now.  And there is no doubt it is original ( it has label " imported by ...", the number and I got the bill and everything as it should be). 

But, I know how it feels when you want to have original favourite CD.

I must admit I like to go to piracy CD shops, too ( where they still exist, because they are gradually closing - must be so ,we are preparing to enter Europe, but I like to say Let The Europe Come To Me, that's the way its got to be
:joker:   I like to go there because it's like going to an antiquary shop - you never know what will you find there ... some crazy CDs that you can't find in legal shops...
But, the most important thing is that you have it now ! :claps:

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16-03-2004 07:43
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