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Registered: 05-04-2004
Posts: 1
Anybody here knows the swedish singer and songwriter named Evan?

I think his style is similar to Vacuum. Such a deep sympho-electro-pop with a beautiful voice.
You can compare it by listening to his tracks on

Evan had a major hit with "Everything I'd Ever Do" on swedish radio some months ago.

05-04-2004 05:38
From: Omsk
Registered: 16-03-2004
Posts: 2253
You know, music is beautifull, but his voice... Do all swedish men has female vocal(Mattias is the only one - macho)? It's not Mattias, it's what I'm afraid Mattias will turn to. This is the music for girls, who cry all night long about boys, those don't love them. Mattias should stay not-from-this-planet-man. Love? What is love? It's just a chemical reaction.

05-04-2004 10:17

Registered: 06-04-2004
Posts: 1
Yes, I have Evan´s album and it´s true his voice mostly is a bit female but I think his true power is that he can sing in many different ways. In track 9 "Don´t wanna hurt You" he sings very much like Mattias espacially in the verses.

06-04-2004 02:21
From: Omsk
Registered: 16-03-2004
Posts: 2253
Dear Sveta,
It was veeeeery interesting for me to read your opinion, and, you know, i'm agree with almost all of written by you. Yeah, maybe some of Vacuum songs are about things those you name love"(Love for a human being, the whole humanity, Universe, Life, Godů.)". Actually, talking about Evan, I meant another form of this feeling - love to woman(in your variant to man) like sexual sense. I think, that exactly this kind of love was always rejected by people of science/ policy/ religion. And the only one person who they loved, who led them through all of years of their existance was their science/ policy/ religion. I think Vacuum from the begining led exactly this policy, that's why we found them so special, that's why idea of Vacuum is so strong. People, showed by Vacuum, always was and always will be a little crazy, and in some moments their love becomes so strong that it covers everything behind it. Studying in tech university, I see these people, a classical samples of such kind of people, everyday and I think I realize right what is love for these people. And my another thought: can scientist, man who understood at least just a little part of human existance, love this life, love God or anybody else taking into account all the unfairnesses of this world, building of the structure of society, where people must suffer and make hurt to another people everyday, fragility and shortness of human lifes? No, he can't because it will cause the death of his God, his science/ policy/ religion, but scientists should shut his eyes to it all, and take it all like these are normal events of our lifes. Ahd what is first adjective that you can add to the word "genius", isn't it "cruel"(it's in Russian, i don't if it's the same in English)? I don't know if genius can be cruel or kind, but I know that he has to be a slave of his God. Everything else doesn't matter.

With thing that you name Love

06-04-2004 15:02
From: Canada
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 167
To borneo: Thanks for the link, it was really interesting. It doesn't metter what voice range it is. If everybody would speak (and sing) BASS or Baritone  i think there's nothing else more boring than that. Somebody should sing tenor as well. And music is ok, at least not so "Fruity loopy" (shwedish music sequencer software) like vacuum today...

06-04-2004 22:01
Dead Vacuumist
From: Spb
Registered: 29-01-2004
Posts: 219
to Valenok: it seems to me, the quote about 'a chemical reaction' has been taken from a brilliant film 'The City Of Angels', starring Nic Cage and Meg Ryan. Am I right? Anyway, remember 'Chemistry' from 'Alcazarized'? We all are chemists, it's the thing not to be denied. :judge: However, such kind of 'reactions' make us do unbelievable things. To my mind, there're values much more important than love, but lack of it is the worst thing ever. That is when you cry.

I've locked my heart, I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart with icy, frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

07-04-2004 16:46
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