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Registered: 29-08-2017
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Hi all,

Since the last Windows10 update crashed my PC, I eventually installed Ubuntu and found substitutes for nearly every app I use, except of course BiaB.
I started experimenting with wine using the PlayOnLinux implementation.
Midi is working even in two alternativ solution, passing midi either via alsa to the Linux soft synth timidity, or, after post-installing DirectMusic using winetricks, also with the DXi-plugin Coyote.

Unfortunatelly RealTracks are not working. I suspect that the MME implementation in wine does not support multi-channel-mixing.
I also tried to install the wine asio driver It seems to be installed and registered correctly, but BiaB does not recognize it.
So I'm stuck and rather clueless now.

Is anybody out there who had more success with the combination BiaB/wine/Linux? I would appreciate gratefully any hint.

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