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We hope you understand already that a vacuum which is excellent on carpeted floors is often a disaster on tile floors. The brushes used with vacuums for carpet floors are ill-equipped for sensitive floor tiles that scratch easily, look worn quickly, and need some TLC to come up shiny after a cleaning. The best vacuum for tile floors isn't necessarily the most impressive brand or the one carrying the highest price. It is the product offering a combination of features that helps the homeowner keep their kitchen, bathroom and other floors looking like new with the minimum of fuss. It's hard to find a vacuum cleaner that will be suitable for every floor in the home. It is important to be careful when shopping for a vacuum and ask the question: will it work on all the floor surfaces in my home? Is there are a power point near where you wish to clean or do you already own a power strip with a long enough cord to let a corded vacuum reach every room in the home? Is a steam cleaner feature a desirable option with a vacuum product? Some products clean floors and steam them at the same time. These product types save money versus bringing in a specialized steam cleaning firm to perform the service for you ?

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