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Vacuum Music Foruum » Wollbeck/Lindblom alliance creative work » Cannot find Jarvis 16.1 download for MX2  
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a friend recently gave me another droid box which has older firmware and an older Kernel (don't know what a Kernel is) anyway I've searched far and wide on the internet for Jarvis 16.1 in order to upgrade it and cannot find a download source anywhere. What I have found does not contain the essential files I need e.g. factory_update_param.aml, recovery.img, Mx2-??-??-??.zip file and I think one other. Another question, instead of Jarvis 16.1 can I install KitKat 4.4.2 or is that the same thing? I did try to backup my initial droid box, then install the backup on the other droid box but it didn't work, I used Indigo to do this, I also tried the normal backup tool but also didn't work, any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Please help.


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