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Registered: 29-08-2017
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Playing a normal game of rimworld, Randy Random on rough difficulty when a Thrumbo shows up at my colony of five. Checking it's stats, I see it has dementia, bad back and cataracts in both eyes. Maybe I can kill it, I think naively.
So my colonists line up for battle (I lacked a killbox at the time) three melee at the front with two ranged behind and start to fire. Thrumbo enrages and charges my colonists, reaching the middle melee fighter. So far going as planned. These pawns can take this guy right?
The Thrumbo exchanges a few blows with Aricana before she drops to the ground. Fitzgerald doesn't last much longer before he suffers a similar fate. Before any more serious damage can be done, the beast is brought down.
Carrying the wounded to our hospital, I check their wounds to see Aricana with both feet torn off and Fitzgerald with his left foot gone as well.
Thrumbo like feet apparently.

That was my first rimworld story, any feedback would be appreciated. I hope you all enjoy.

Please help.


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06-10-2017 11:35
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