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From: Valhalla
Registered: 24-01-2004
Posts: 576

Aniv wrote:

When people will go to shops most of them will ask not for "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" but just for "new Vacuum album". As I remember most salesmen didn't know the name of Seance At The Chaebol. They knew only Vacuum.
But such a long name of the song will become a problem for radio stations. DJs won't make efforts to say the name properly, they will announce the song only as Vacuum.  :vlogo:
OK. Maybe my fears are groundless a bit... I just think it will be not too fluent discussions between fans, DJs and other people when the title of the album must sound completely in any dialogues...
Anyway, I like the title in its essence :-)

:winky: Aniv! :smile:

Aniv wrote:

Shadow wrote:

Robbie Williams sings:“I will talk and Hollywood will listen” ;)

:whistle: He also sings "Me and my Shadow" ;) :winky:

I like it :-) Thanks  :winky:  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle:

Last edited by Shadow (03-06-2004 18:02)

"I'll take the shot for you/I'll be the shild for you/Needless to say - I'll stand in your way/I'll take the shot for you..."

:whistle: I will talk and Hollywood will listen :tongue:  [RW]

03-06-2004 18:01
Vacuumist in the Void
Registered: 25-03-2004
Posts: 527
To Nuk:
Well, I guess I am just sensitive about the word promotion. :smile:

nukleopatra wrote:

We have to create interest and make people WANT to hear what we are talking about... THEN the music can do its job....

Yes, this is nice example of what I read in Netocracy. The main thing is to make people want to buy something. Creating their wantings ...I hate when promotion is a thing that determines what will I listen, eat, think, live.  I don't want to accept that rule that  I will listen to what the media wants me to listen and serves  in front of my nose. But, I agree with you absolutely in this :

I KNOW how good they are, but if you ask people who are Vacuum they just don't know... THAT is why promotion is so important

And of course you don't have to apologise for being enthusiastic ! :smile:  just try to make them hurry up with releasing so that we don't have different moods too long (you being so thrilled and  we-can't be thrilled when we didn't hear it!) :smile:

Bring on the clouds
Let the raindance begin

04-06-2004 04:04
Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978

Shadow wrote:

I like it :-) Thanks  :winky:  :whistle:  :whistle:  :whistle:

Hope you do!  :crazyfun:

04-06-2004 04:43
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