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From: KIEV/
Registered: 30-05-2004
Posts: 313
And I'm listening to old Vacuum songs, 'Fools...' and radio. I don't change TV channel when I see Sarah Brightman, but I'm not her sacred fan. Besides Vacuum I like "The temp de catedrales" from french version of 'Notre-dame de Paris'

We travel different roads, but we are still the same

04-06-2004 11:37
The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
Well today I am listening to Plazma..... a Russian band...  THANKYOU dear Aniv... for sending me the cd's....

David x

I've said I believe that the world is a ship
and the sea that it sails is a cloth with a rip
and the cloth is still tearing and rotting away
with the children who play with tomorrow TODAY....

08-06-2004 06:46
Shining Vacuumist

From: Moscow
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 677
While we wait a new album, I listen to fragments from him!!! :clown: And if serious.../now Britney Spears, New album Tomas Anders, is especial " King of Love " and " How deep is your love ".
Also Sarah Konnor, Julie (Home, What a fool, Every little part of me, Could you be mine.), Ronan Keating, Tarkan... And it is a lot of much another!

08-06-2004 07:27
Dead Vacuumist
From: Spb
Registered: 29-01-2004
Posts: 219
And as to the music... I'm listening to eRa, Enigma, AOL, Falco, Vitas, E-Type, Ace of Base, Nightwish (thanks to Aniv!), LOTR soundtracks, Rammstein, Seal, CC Catch, MTalking, Alcazar... Whoof! :) But, I guess, eRa is the best!

I've locked my heart, I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart with icy, frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

09-06-2004 10:23
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