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Anatoly Ivanov
From: Saint Petersburg
Registered: 15-02-2004
Posts: 978
Olya, Marianna, you are probably right, we should not compare Mattias with anybody.
But I did not compare Mattias to Jay Kay, I just said that to my opinion this hat didn't suit him. I suppose the photo would be better without the hat.
But as I have already said it is a really great work by Martina!

PS: And it reflects my own mood of last years...

Last edited by Aniv (02-03-2004 13:56)

02-03-2004 13:49
Dead Vacuumist
From: Spb
Registered: 29-01-2004
Posts: 219

oLya wrote:

Wonder why some of you people judge about the sleeve from this tiny imagine? See it in bigger format first. I personally think that this foto shows the mood of the forthcoming album 100%. Serious, dark and beautiful.

Olya, we HAVE (and me personally) seen it in a bigger format. :) Until that I did not even argue.
And as to the mood... Well, it's easy to judge when you've already heard the whole album. Let us hear it ourselves and, perhaps, we'll consider this sleeve & the songs to be the 'perfect match'.
Till then it'll all be the image & the first impression only.

Last edited by Bagira (02-03-2004 14:59)

I've locked my heart, I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart with icy, frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

02-03-2004 14:57
The Sacred One
From: england
Registered: 20-01-2004
Posts: 330
Oh Svetlana there are up tempo optimisitc songs on the album also..but life isn't always happy and optimistic I guess and I think sad emotions always make more powerful and moving songs... these things happen to all of us so of course they happen to mattias also.... but the album will also make you DANCE...

david xx

I've said I believe that the world is a ship
and the sea that it sails is a cloth with a rip
and the cloth is still tearing and rotting away
with the children who play with tomorrow TODAY....

03-03-2004 11:40
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