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Sacred Vacuumist
From: Italy
Registered: 30-03-2005
Posts: 185
uh... hello everyone!

The God invited me to post something in the English threads... the fact is that I haven't listened to YWLILUTT yet, as it will be released in Italy probably in May (yes, I know I can order it by Internet, but I still prefer to wait and buy it here...)

I have a few difficulties so in understanding what you're talking about, as all the new stuff that I've listened to are the songs in the videomixes section. And from what I have heard, I can say that the style is definitely not the same as before...

I repeat it, I've listened only to Something Evil that I love, They Do It  mixed by the God and Starting where the Story ended mixed by I don't know who. And I've listened them only once, so don't take my words as a final judgement on the matter. But I feel I preferred the old Vacuum style... expecially Mattias' voice, which was the most perfect male voice that I've ever heard in popular music (which means, not in opera. I'm an opera fan  :whistle:  :wink: )

I don't know much about the troubles between Bard, Mattias, Bard's fans and new Vacuum fans. I will get YWLILUTT as soon as it reaches Italy, and I will listen to it carefully. But let me say that I think I'll be missing the old, powerful Mattias' voice...
well this is only my opinion, so no harm intended, ok?  :flower:

I was born king and hero, I have seen more than most :king:

19-04-2005 14:03
The God
From: Heaven
Registered: 22-06-2004
Posts: 1007
Dear Cecilia!

nice to see you here.

I am sure most of people in this foruum are sharing your attitude. Most of us are missing that powerful voice of early albums as we loved Vacuum for that.

But new album is really good one as it opens new edges of Mattias' talent as singer and songwriter (Wollbeck as well).
I am sure you will like it after listening whole album. New sound, new impressions.
Good luck to you!

P.S. waiting for your comments to the album in May after Italian release... :winky:

If you want to burn the witches - Here I am
If you want to throw the stone - Here’s my face
If you want to pass the judgment - Break my neck
If you’re looking for a justice - Cuff my hands

20-04-2005 03:24
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