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The God
From: Heaven
Registered: 22-06-2004
Posts: 1007

Honey_R wrote:

Thank You for advise, I'll read this book! But the main thing that attracted me in The Da Vinci Code is that almost all events Brown wrote about seems to be truth.

Das Jesus Video is definitely a fantastic fiction. But what is mutual with Dan Brown's books is that author paints it on real historical background, giving a lot of interesting facts and food for our minds.

Last edited by The God (25-04-2005 04:09)

If you want to burn the witches - Here I am
If you want to throw the stone - Here’s my face
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25-04-2005 04:08
Extreme Vacuumist
From: IMAX
Registered: 19-04-2005
Posts: 75
For those who liked “Angels and Demons” by Den Brown, “Foucault’s Pendulum” by Umberto Eco could be interesting. It’s not a new book, published in ’88, so many of you have probably read it.

“Foucault’s Pendulum” is to Paris what “Angels and Demons” is to Rome.

And both are definitely from a “fantasy” category.


25-04-2005 17:53
From: Omsk
Registered: 16-03-2004
Posts: 2253

Bagira wrote:

Heya, by the way, Valenok, about Kozlov... He's sort'a fake to my mind! Ehm...

Do you really think so? You know, there are exactly too much of advertising of his psychological centre, but this book really helped me to change my attitude to many things. I've looked at many things in my life by new look. I even didn't mention how fast I read it.
But maybe if you know different good authors of this kind of literature it will be very kind of you to advise me something.

Bagira wrote:

...Maybe a Swedish-Russian dictionary? :) No, the latest new I have read lately, was Strindberg.
Otherwise I am trying to read some things once again in order to remember them.

I try to learn Swedish at the moment too. Well, I like to learn new language, I even didn't expect from myself, I don't have much time though:-(

As I see, people, you like swedish pop. And I'm in love with swedish female manner of singing, Da Buzz, September, Titiyo and Jessica Folker are my favorites for all seasons and times.

Last edited by Valenok (27-04-2005 17:09)

27-04-2005 17:07
Dead Vacuumist
From: Spb
Registered: 29-01-2004
Posts: 219
Valenok: If I come across any good author, I might be able to give you an advice on that matter. But in fact I read all psychology and philosophy books I see at the library. :) It's just interesting for me, because I get to know people better and think loads. :)

Go you, by the way! :) Languages add you extra points!
Swedish sounds melodious. Simply listening to it... Sounds good. And then it lacks unpronounceable phonetics if comparing to Danish, for example. That's why I was glad to study Danish at first, but later I understood the difference and it started attracting me less... ;) Hm, gotta go attend some Swedish classes at my teacher's again, 'cause I think I start forgetting things... But then it won't be long till I visit Sweden this summer. :)

Listening to Per Gessle now... One of his songs 'Varmt Igen' reminds me of the summer of 2004. Brings back some memories. Strange...

Last edited by Bagira (27-04-2005 18:31)

I've locked my heart, I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart with icy, frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

27-04-2005 18:24
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