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High Vacuumist
From: Evergreen island
Registered: 23-02-2005
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To Ghriska: ABSOLUTELY agree with you!!!!

Swear to me never to tell
the secrets you know of the angel in hell!

15-06-2005 11:58
Extreme Vacuumist
From: IMAX
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David Haglund wrote:

As for the chorus, it may be that he feels dead inside, or that she has completely renounced him too (made him "dead"). Anyway, this breakup seems to be a positive thing, since it is "beautiful". Some people thrive on feelings of melancholy (it was very common in the Romantic era of the 1700-1800s), or maybe it paved way for a new start (like in the song "Starting").

Thanks, I like it. Haven't thought about it "vise versa".


15-06-2005 12:06
Sacred Vacuumist
From: Italy
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David Haglund wrote:

I don't mean to sound lika a dirty old man, but had anyone considered that this may refer to "the little death" ("le petit mort")? The sexual orgasm is also a sort of transcendence. I know it doesn't quite match up with all of the lyrics, but it makes for a not so dark image of the song.

I know of the habit of call it "la petite mort", but I agree with you, it doesn't really match with the song as a whole.

David Haglund wrote:

But this is just my interpretation of course. The truth is probably that most songwriters start with a catchy phrase or two and build a song around that.

Most of all, I agree with this. There's not always a complete meaning in the lyrics of a song. For example (IMHO) many of the latest Bjork's song don't have a precise meaning (the lyrics I mean). If you check a big amount of lyrics, by many artists, you'll see that not everyone has a precise meaning.

I was born king and hero, I have seen more than most :king:

16-06-2005 11:57
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