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Extreme Vacuumist
From: Sweden|Bollnäs,
Registered: 27-09-2004
Posts: 80

I've been online, you just haven't!! (we miss each other... I'm gonna check out the time-difference tomorrow! Isn't it +2h or alike...?) And oh, I might get a parrot this autum!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: I'm going to teach it to say "Kaoru", 'cause mom can't! (that sucks for her... she thinks the a and o comes to close, that it's weird to say) The bird won't be all mine, but half! ^__^ We might name it Icaros, (moms idea, and if it can't fly, then oh well, Icaros wasn't so good at it anyway!) I'm really fond of the idea of having a parrot...

I'm gonna look up that dish tomorrow! (ska till biblioteket! YAY! :D I :heart: books. And zombie-bassists...)

Take care!

Last edited by Breathe (19-06-2005 16:43)

Counting the scattered flowers, this pain that has started to ache again...

Unforgiven - BLOOD

19-06-2005 16:42
Dead Vacuumist
From: Spb
Registered: 29-01-2004
Posts: 219
So sorry, dear, had to go off for a while! Some ppl called, was important...

The time difference between Sweden and Russia is 2 hrs. You have 6 in the evening, we have 8. :)

A parrot? That is SO cool, my baby! I wanna have the second one, too! But it is unlikely, not before I come back from Sweden...

I love books either. :heart: Have a nice time in the library!

I am a mess still, will take a lot of time before I come back to myself.

Good-bye, "Zombie"... LOL


Last edited by Bagira (19-06-2005 18:00)

I've locked my heart, I'll keep my feelings there
I've stocked my heart with icy, frigid air
And I mean to care for no one
Because I'm through with love

19-06-2005 17:59
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