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Question  Which song will be chosen as a new single?
Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This    4 31%
In The Dirt    3 23%
Love Earth Cry    0 0%
Something Evil I LOve    0 0%
Sea Of Silence    5 38%
A Shallow Heart    0 0%
Dead    1 8%
Temporary Solution    0 0%
Total: 13
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From: Omsk
Registered: 16-03-2004
Posts: 2253
To Satellite: As I remember, there was your cover of Nuclear India and now it's lost and I didn't listen it. Could you, please, pass it somehow to Nika?

14-07-2005 13:49
~the shining spirit~
From: Moscow
Registered: 31-07-2004
Posts: 2651
Sea of Silense is my favourite!!! Or In The Dirt =))

All secrets u will find Beyond the human mind.

14-07-2005 13:59
Vacuumist in the Void
Registered: 25-03-2004
Posts: 527
Mmmmm ... I like voting results for now : Sea Of Silence leading, YWLILUTT right behind it.

Things are going my way...   :mellow:

Bring on the clouds
Let the raindance begin

15-07-2005 01:39
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