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I have been having issues with internet connectivity for almost a year. I've exhausted software and other computer issues including win 10 fixes, in addition, I replaced my router about a month or so ago. I'm down to the modem. I'm wondering if it is either an old modem or bad cabling somewhere between the pole and the modem. I'm pasting modem reports from the last episode this morning. These drops are sporadic. Can't seem to predict them or attempt to replicate them. Often they last for a few minutes then everything resets itself and goes back to normal. In fact, I think I miss them sometimes because they are so quick. With my new router, it seems to also go down for a minute or two or three as well. Will come back on its own. These mini outages also effect my Roku devices and wireless printers. The drops can also happen when hardwired

Please help.


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27-09-2017 11:45
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