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25/August/2006 - VacuumV!sion: a big update
4 new participants (Satellite, Ak-86, Saanvi, Tadapaka) has been just added in VacuumV!sion, so you can download their covers there! Also, there have been opened the "press-conferences" of the each participient at our Foruum, where you can discuss the covers and tell your opinion about them.
Also, by numerous requests, VacuumV!sion contest has been prolonged untill the 30th of September (to give some participants the time to return from their summer vacations).
And there was added "They Do It (Orchestra Mix)" of Alex Tiuniaev in our Remixes rubric.
Updated: One more participant in VacuumV!sion has been added.
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20/August/2006 - Chat with Mattias!
Yes, it's coming again! See you all in the CHATROOM at August 27, Sunday. Time is 18:00 GMT, 19:00 Stockholm time, 20:00 Kiev time and 21:00 Moscow time :)
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06/August/2006 - Vacuum in Vitebsk, the photos again.
Some private photos, taken during Vacuum's visit of Vitebsk, have been just published inLive Photos rubric. The photos were kindly provided by Vlad Davydov.
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