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29/February/2004 - The single is delayed
As you have already read at the forum, the main news of the February is that single was delayed because of delay with the sleeve printing. The new date of release is the 19th of March.
Vacuum Wallpapers rubruc has been updated with some new stuff, kindly provided by Brute.
On our FORUUM there were added 2 original songs "Anas song" by Silverchair and "Overcome" by Live. These are the songs, Mattias made his live cover-versions for. Thanks to Aniv for them.
Also, because of some problems of the admin, the news rubric of this site will not be updated for 2-3 weeks. All the news and stuff (if any) will be temporary published on the FORUUM.
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19/February/2004 - Happy Birthday to Mattias!
Today Mattias celebrates his Birthday, so lets wish him as musician the inspiration, fantasy, success, efficienty, worldwide glory, devoted fans and all those things, which he would like to wish for himself privately!
Also, you can see a small update in Singles Discography. It has been enriched with "Fools like me" entry and its promo-picture, kindly provided by Mattias Lindblom.
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10/February/2004 - The first reviews
While all of us are waiting a new single, some luckies has already managed to listen to it and to post their reviews :). Please visit our Foruum to read one of the reviews (more reviews are welcome there), and VacuumNet to read another one.
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02/February/2004 - The date of release
By the info from Vacuum single "Fools like me" is scheduled to be released in the 25th of February with 29kr (3,45 euro) price. There at CDON you will be able to buy it.
Information was kindly provided by Nicuum.
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