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13/January/2005 - New Vacuum photos & etc
Live Photos rubric has been updated with the photos of Vacuum from airport of Sankt-Peterburgh, kindly provided by Olya Yasterbova.
A new Russian translation of "In the dirt" lyrics has been added into Lyrics and Translations rubric.
Vacuum is still goes around the world. Now it's the #1 with "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" in at Avapolis Music Network in Greece. Is there any Greek fans to translate this review? Email us.
Also, as you know, Wollbeck/Lindblom songwriting duo have finished the work on Rachel Stevens' (ex-member of a huge UK band S Club 7 and a very popular singer in UK now) single "Negotiate with love", which is already in the chart of truth of Popjustice, and will be at the top of the charts in UK by the words of the listeners. So, congralutions for Mattias and Anders with the successfull song!
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05/January/2005 - Vacuum in Australia
"Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This" is going to be released in Australia in April 2005.
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