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16/January/2010 - New photo exhibition
New web-exhibition of photographs by Mattias Lindblom is published!
Go to Illuminati Arts site to see new set of pictures and probably to order your copy.
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27/December/2009 - Vacuum concert in St. Petersburg
A few days before New Year 2010 Vacuum made an amazing performance in Saint Petersburg on the stage of Jagger Rock-club. The most extraordinary surprise for the fans was the first live performance of the Ripples on the Surface. And the most unexpected thing for the band was that people already knew the words of The Ocean - the newest Vacuum song.

Here is a set-list of the show:
1. Only Human
2. Six Billion Voices
3. I Breathe
4. Starting (Where The Story Ended)
5. Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This
6. Icaros
7. Ripples On The Surface
8. Know By Now (acoustic)
9. Let The Mountain Come To Me (acoustic)
10. The Ocean (acoustic)
11. Walk On The Sun
12. Preview
snippets of They Do It and Fools Like Me
13. I Breathe
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