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25/June/2006 - VacuumV!sion
First participant is there, presenting "Love Earth Cry" cover. :)
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18/June/2006 - Video from the Vacuum concert in "Moscow" Club
This video has been added in Vacuum Live rubric.
Also, the new wallpapers by Olga Khramli have been added in Vacuum Wallpapers.
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14/June/2006 - Six Billion Voices lyrics
As many fans are insterested in Six Billion Voices lyrics, it has been published in our Lyrics rubric.
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02/June/2006 - Vacuum at Slavic Bazar
Now it's confirmed, that Vacuum will perform in the 10th of July 21:00 at the greatest festival in Belarus - Slavic Bazar. The tickets cost from 4 to 9 USD. You're strongly recomended to book the tickets in advance, as it's hard to get them closer to the beginning of the festival (in July 7).
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31/May/2006 - A new contest: VACUUMV!SION
It's coming!!! And it won't leave anyone not to be involved in it!!! It's time to show yourself and your talent!!! V/acuumv/ision is coming right to you!!!
This vacuum cover song contest will be kind of Vacuum Singing Show-2004 but better organized and I hope there will be much more participants. Please, don't let us ask anyone of you to send your song. All of you are talented as any member of Vacuum community and we're interested in any of your cover. Please don't leave us without pleasure of listening your cover song of Vacuum! This show is going to be really grand! And someone even will get wonderfull prizes from Vacuum of course.
Please read all details at the page of the new contest!

Also, there were added lots of beautiful wallpapers in our Vacuum Wallpapers rubric. The wallpapers were made and kindly provided by Olga.
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