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31/March/2003 - Vacuum comes to Moscow
upd: In the 25th of April Vacuum is supposed to play in Moscow club "Golden Palace".
In the 26th of April Vacuum will perform on the presentation of Radio "Sputnik" in Ledovy (Ice) Palace in Sankt-Peterburgh. NB: The information support of the presentation is by SPb 6 channel "STS", so watch this TV channel for details.
Also "Starting" video has been moved to faster server for better downloading and now has light WMV version (8 mb) for those fans, who has slow Internet.
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26/March/2003 - Updated Official Videoclips and Live Sound
At last we added "Starting (Where The Story Ended)" video in our Download department of Official Videoclips. So now you can download and enjoy the full version of "Starting"!
Also there was added live version of "What kind of fool" song (performed at Gay Pride 2002) in Live Sound department.
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14/March/2003 - Video Archive and Video Shop are on-line!
Dear friends, have you ever tried to download 420 mb of Vacuum video from Internet? Want to try? Vacuum Music opened a huge Video archive of Vacuum specially for you! As you can see, we a little changed our left menu, so you can choose, what you want: Vacuum on Swedish TV, Vacuum on Russian TV, Vacuum videoclips or Vacuum Live concerts. Of course, we will develop these departments with new videos in near future.
Second update is the first Vacuum VideoShop. It is for those fans, who want to have a big Vacuum videoarchive on VideoCDs or videotapes in best quality and in big screen size for funny price. If you intersted to have this stuff, please surf to Vacuum VideoShop.
Special thanks for help with all these things to Andrew Akatov (, Niklas Nillsson and Valentine!
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14/March/2003 - New song & video
Olya Maximenko kindly reports, that new song with the video from Vacuum is called Fools Like Me (a good continue after What Kind A Fool, don't you think?). It was made by students of an art school!
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11/March/2003 - New videoclip from Vacuum
David Haglund, VacuumNet, reported today, that Vacuum made a new video for a new song last weekend. Who haven't subscribed VacuumNet yet, can read David's message about new video here -
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03/March/2003 - Updated Photogallery and Video
69 nice big (600x400) screenshots of "Starting Where The Story Ended" were added in our Photogallery. As you know, video "Starting" consists of cut parts from different Vacuum performances on TV and personal videoarchive of Mattias Lindblom, so the screenshots look really like the photos from past years and are worthy to be in the Photogallery. Enjoy :)
Also Icaros video is available in DivX now.
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