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23/November/2003 - Video update
There were added 7 videos into Vacuum on Russian/Ukrainean TV rubric. 6 of them are things from Vacuum performance in Kiev 2003, and 1 is an old performance+interview from Metelitsa Russian club 1999.
The videos were kindly provided by Toaddy Frog, Yaroslav Tarasenko, Marianna and Brute
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16/November/2003 - Fans Creation / Solo Career update (updated)
There were added a new rubric Fans articles and research in Fans Creation department, where you can read the fans publications about Vacuum or even add your own articles. In the meantime there are 2 articles about synthpop music added by Shadow and about the meeting with Marina Schiptjenko written by Bagira (fc 'Tears').
In Solo Career rubric there was added the next song from Lindblom/Wollbeck "Lustro".
Continuing the topic about Solo Career, should mention, that the new band of Marina Schiptjenko and Alexander Bard "Bodies Without Organs" (which will be much more pop than Vacuum and will have much pop references) has already signed the contract with recordcompany "Universal" and their new album, videos and so on will be hopefully released in March. The first live performance of the band will be at SAMA 2004 (click the link to read more about the band) in the 2nd of April 2004.
Information was kindly provided by Marina Schiptjenko.
For our newsletter subscribers: the newsletter system was broken, so subscribing/unsubscribing doesn't work in the meantime.
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