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19/October/2003 - Video update
There were added interesting videos from Ukrainean TV about Vacuum Kiev's tour in 1999 into Vacuum at Russian and Ukrainean TV rubric. Special thanks to Marianna for them.
Also there was added the next videomix X-Power (Power + X Men), kindly provided by Brute.
And at last our Polls was updated with the new question "Should "Vacuum" name be changed since the changes in the band?". Come to vote.
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03/October/2003 - Restored Fans Creation and updated Solo Career
After the request in the Guestbook there was at last restored the rubric, dedicated different fans creation. The rubric organization has been completely changed to the side of more comfortable using. Now you can add/edit/delete/manage/illustrate/upload your own creation though a special web-interface, so feel free to register and do it :).

Also Solo Career rubric was updated with the sample of the song "Cover Girl", written for Swedish band "She-bang" by alliance Lindblom/Wollbeck (factically current Vacuum). The alliance songwriting is successful, judging by they sold double platinum with the Greenlandic artist Julie, so we should wait for something great for new Vacuum album too. In the meantime they are working with other artists, but will soon commence the work with the new Vacuum album.
Information was kindly provided by Mattias Lindblom
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