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28/September/2004 - Singing Fans Show's finished
Small notice: There were removed the votes from the equal IPs from the both polls in SFS. Remind you, don't vote for multiple times please. The poll supposes one vote from one person.
With the great covers "Satyricon" and "Synth Lullaby" by Valenok, added into Singing Fans, we have just finished this show! Please go to the page to vote for the best song and vocal, read Mattias' comments about the paticipients' works and maybe add your own comment. :)
Special thanks to Illuminati for the contest idea and all the participients for the idea support!
A new contest is coming soon :)
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16/September/2004 - Releases update
There was added scanned sleeves of Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This album and They Do It single and their lyrics.
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15/September/2004 - New in Audio downloads
Soon there will be the end of our Singing Fans Show, so if you are going to send us something, please do it qiuckly :) Also check a new thing "Starting" by Sid Saviour there.
There was added a full version of Leto Manit I Tomit (Let The Mountain Come To Me cover) by Russian singer Serge Rogozhin into Fans Remixes & Covers rubric. Special thanks to Marina for it!
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01/September/2004 - Vacuum live at P5 Radio show
In the 10th of September, 12:30 Vacuum will perform at the P5 Radio show in the Sergels Torg the centre of Stockholm.
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01/September/2004 - Photos / Singing Fans update
There were added some more pics from Vacuum performance at Stockholm Pride. A big thanks to Marie Fauvin for these great photos, you can see them at our Live Photos rubric.
Also, a new discodance cover Let The Mountain Come To Me by Chris Schell took its place in SINGING FANS SHOW page.
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