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27/September/2007 - Mattias at "Stars Factory" (updated)
Mattias will perform "I Breathe" at the Moscow telecast "Stars Factory" concert. The recording of the telecast will be this Sunday. You can already watch the video here!
Special thanks to Maxim & Denis Sokolov for the info, and Iuliia Dergaliuk for the video.
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24/September/2007 - Interview with Mattias on "Junost" radio
At the radio "Unost" website you can listen to the recent interview with Mattias online or download it in mp3 format. There you can find the premierres of "Open my eyes" and "Only Human".
Also, please vote for "Only Human" song at radio "Unost" website!
Special thanks to Maxim Pushkarev & Denis Sokolov for the info.
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