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25/September/2010 - Extraordinary concerts in St. Petersburg
Vacuum made very special concerts in St. Petersburg this night and the evening before.
For the first time ever Vacuum performed with an extraordinary pianist from Austria - Michael Zlanabitnig.

Here is the tracklist of tonight's event:

Electric set (with Olof Wressmark on keyboards)
1. Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This
2. Six Billion Voices
3. Icaros

Acoustic set (with Michael Zlanabitnig on piano)
4. Know By Now
5. Angels (which we previously knew as Where Angels Belong)
6. Fly On The Wall
7. My Friend Misery
8. The Ocean

Electric set (with Olof Wressmark on keyboards)
9. Starting Where The Story Ended
10. Black Angels (world premiere of new Vacuum single)
11. I Breathe

Last evening during the presentation of Mattias Lindblom photography exhibition, there was a short live performance with Michael Zlanabitnig on piano:
1. Know By Now
2. The Russian
3. Fly On The Wall
The last two songs were premiered during this awesome event.
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13/September/2010 - Vacuum is back in St. Petersburg
Vacuum will perform in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 25 on stage of LenConcert club.

Tickets for the Vacuum's next week show are now available in LenConcert club and in Barrel bar.

There, in Barrel, a press conference and the long-awaited exhibition of Mattias Lindblom photography will take place on 24th September.
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