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Mr. Belarus
From: Minsk
Registered: 23-01-2004
Posts: 4461
Let's talk about this phenomenon! Why swedish musical culture very popular in the world? Which swedish singers and bands more closer to you(excluding all Bard's projects)?
Personally I love E-type at now moment. Vocalist have unusual voice. Very good melodies. And textes!!! It super and sings very closeer to Bard's lyrics.

How you think?


24-06-2004 05:13
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Vacuumist in the Void
Registered: 25-03-2004
Posts: 527


Why swedish musical culture very popular in the world?

I have no idea ! Maybe they are getting inspirations from somewhere   :joker:

From the laboratory of Eden
To the monarchy of Sweden

Bring on the clouds
Let the raindance begin

24-06-2004 06:56
From: Canada
Registered: 13-01-2004
Posts: 167
Yeah, it looks like it's a traditional thing already, ABBA might put the beginning for the most melodic music in the world and it's still constant nowadays. Every band I've ever heard is a very musical and melodic, even metal stuff like Europe. Everybody remember that band i suppose. Also, English sounds good when they perform, is it a kind of speciality of their native language??

24-06-2004 10:37

Registered: 28-09-2019
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09-10-2020 02:45

Registered: 16-06-2021
Posts: 2
Even by 2020 standards, it’s still one of the most complex pop songs ever written.

22-06-2021 12:08
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