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22/April/2004 - Anti-pirate posters contest
Dear visitors! Our site initiates a contest of anti-pirate posters in view of forthcoming Vacuum album. All winners will be rewarded with good prizes: new Vacuum singles+bonuses. Hope, you will support this action. More details and terms see at the CONTEST page.

Also, a sneak-preview file of the new Vacuum album "Your whole life is leading up for this" at last has come to this site, so you can download it here too :).
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21/April/2004 - Chat with Mattias #3
Tomorrow at 13:00 GMT (15:00 of Kiev time, 16:00 Moscow time) there will be the third chat with Mattias Lindblom in VACUUM FANS CHAT.
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19/April/2004 - BWO photos
Yes, this is again BWO update... This time you can see live photos of BWO from SAMA 2004, kindly provided by -Daniela Vorndran and taken from Zero and Metica magazines. And also there was added a beautiful promo photo of BWO, kindly provided by Alexander Bard, into the recent BWO interview at the Press interviews page.
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04/April/2004 - BWO: Living In The Fantasy
Today there has been added the song "Living In Fantasy" of BWO to our Solo Career rubric. Judge by yourself, if there is any Vacuum/Army of Lovers influence inside the song :)
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01/April/2004 - Making up for lost time: Vacuum and BWO
Vacuum: all Vacuum's things, concerned "Fools Like Me" single, were at last added to their rubrics (Lyrics, translations, discorgaphy and so on). New things will come very soon.

Bodies Without Organs: all fans, who are interested in the new project of Alexander Bard and Marina Schiptjenko, can read the exclusive interview with BWO, kindly provided for this site, in our "Interviews" rubric. There you can see the answers for 32 questions to Bodies Without Organs.
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