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27/August/2003 - Bodies without organs (updated)
A great news for all the fans of Alexander Bard and Marina Schiptjenko! They return to the music stage in the line-up of a new band Bodies Without Organs. The new electro-band is something average between Army Of Lovers and synth-Vacuum. All, who want to know more, please surf to Interviews page to read Russian and English translation of the interview with Alexander Bard.
Now there was added a picture of BWO inside the article.

Much good luck to a new band!
Special thanks to Marina Schiptjenko for the news and Gustav Olsson for interview translation.
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16/August/2003 - Added Vacuum live photos and some other stuff
In Live Photos department there was added a pack of photos from Vacuum concert in Plaza club 2003, taken and kindly provided by Olga Yastrebova.
Also there you can download the next videomix from Brute, called "Starting where the story about ring ended" (Strarting WTSE + Lord of the rings").
And at last there were added some translations by Valenok of Vacuum interviews into English part of this department.
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07/August/2003 - A bit more updates
There was added a funny parody of Icaros in Ukrainean Folklore style, kindly provided by Al-Wizard, into our Fans remixes and parodies rubric.
Also Press photos and Interviews were updated with a little of old (1999) Vacuum stuff - pics and an article (russian and english versions), kindly provided by Toaddy Frog.
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03/August/2003 - Videos restored
Some files from Vacuum Swedish video archive have been restored today. You can download them on Swedish video page. Hope, this time they will be kept online for longer period.
Also you can download a funny video
"Nuclear India: Rise of the machines" (6 997 kb), made by Brute. This is the videomix of Nuclear India with Terminator 3 :).
PS: From the 2nd to 4th of August the mail system of Vacuum Music didn't work at all, so if you sent any messages to any of Vacuum Music mailboxes at that time, please re-send them again.
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