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30/December/2005 - 2006: Happy and new!
Dear visitors,
Happy New Year to you all! Celebrate it in the best way, have a fun under your Xmas tree and don't forget to return to the site in 2006 after the holidays!
Here you can download the congratulation from Mattias!
Also, Live concerts rubric has been just updated with "Overcome" song, performed during Vacuum's concert in Malmo 2004.
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19/December/2005 - Vacuum in Khabarovsk
So here's a brief review of the Khabarovsk concert, based on the comments :) The concert was very successfull, you'll see it in the video from the concert very soon. During the concert Vacuum performed an absolutely new great song, called "Six billion voices" (the first premiere!). The complete song list is the following:
Your whole life is leading up to this
Culture of Night
Fools like me
Starting (Where The Story Ended)
Mind your mind
The Void
Six Billion Voices
I breathe
Let The Mountain Come To Me (2 times)
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