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23/January/2004 - Wait for Vacuum news?
The recent Vacuum news is that a new Vacuum single has been already done!
The tracklisting of the single is:
1. Fools Like Me
2. Queen
The single will include the video so that people can watch it on their
computers as well as on MTV.
The song "Queen" will be also included in the forthcoming album. The title of the album is "Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This". That is also the name of one of the songs on the album.
The sleeves for single and album will be made by Martina Hoogland-Ivanow, who worked with Vacuum for "Culture Of Night" sleeve (thanks to Nicuum for the link).
Information was kindly provided by Mattias Lindblom
Also, please visit site to read the personal Mattias' impressions about the new things in "Ask Mattias" rubric.

And take a look at small update in our navigation: here you can see the link named FORUUM, which is our new discussion board. You are very welcome there to discuss Vacuum and communicate with each other :) Hope, you will like it!
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13/January/2004 - Updated Live Photos
There was added a new album with the photos from Vacuum press conference in Sankt-Peterburg in 1999 into Live Photos department.
A small update in Official Videos department: 3 missed videos are at last online to download in high quality.
Also, there was added a new rubric to the navigation, called "Fan Clubs", where you can find the site of Sankt-Peterburgs fanclub "Tears" and link to Kievs Vacuum fanclub. More links are wellcome.
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02/January/2004 - Subscribe newsletter
Today our Newsletter system has been at last repaired. Unfortunately all previously subscribed email addresses were lost, so please subscribe the newsletter again (the form is in the right column of the site).
Also, there was a couple of suggestions from the fans in our Guestbook to make a forum at this site. Please go to Polls rubric and vote, what you think about it.
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