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27/July/2004 - The first pics from "They do it" video
Some glimpses into the new Vacuum video for They Do It. The shoot was finished 6 o clock in this morning. Pictures feature Mattias, K and crew on location. Editing will begin shortly. Keep watching this space for more updates on the video.
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23/July/2004 - "They Do It" single ft. K
Vacuum record label Subspace published the info about the forthcoming single "They Do It" feat. K. Click link "read more" to read about it and to see the picture.
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23/July/2004 - Photos from Zeppelin club
There were added some photos Vacuum's concert in Zeppelin club into Live Photos rubric. The photos were taken from 44100 Hz website.
Also there were added a new song into Singing Fans Show and a couple of Russian translations by Venus and Tatiana Mezentseva into Lyrics and Translations rubrics.
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19/July/2004 - Shooting a new video
As almost in a month there will be the release of "They Do It" single, Vacuum shooted the video for it on Monday. The video will be very professional with a great director. It will be made in an old insane asylum and there will be lots of magic in the video.
Thanks to Mattias Lindblom for the info!
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13/July/2004 - Release dates
Subspace has published the dates of releases of new Vacuum things:
"They Do It" single - in the 23th of August, 2004
"Your Whole Life Is Leading Up For This" album - in the 6th of September, 2004.
Also at the Singing Fans Show page you can download a couple of new songs :)
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09/July/2004 - Singing Vacuum Fans Show
By your requests on the FORUUM we are opening Singing Vacuum Fans Show. The conditions are simple: sing any Vacuum song, send it to us, and in the end the winner will get the prize with Mattias' autograph. Read more about it at the Show page, and of course you are very welcome to join :)
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01/July/2004 - Photo from the shooting for the album sleeve
In our Press Photos department you can see the photo while Mattias shooting for the sleeve of the new album, which has been already finished.
Special thanks to David Haglund, VacuumNet for this photo.
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