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23/June/2003 - Updated Reviews-Fans reports and Fans Remixes departments
Two small notices from "Moloko" magazine about Vacuum at Chayka 5 were added into Reviews and fans reports department. The notices were kindly provided by Yaroslav Tarasenko.
Also in Fans Remixes deprtment you can download a lovely remix of Culture Of Night made by Alexey Tiuniaev.
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21/June/2003 - Updated Solo Carrier
Hope, you have already introduced the solo works of Mattias Lindblom, as now they were replaced with the solo projects of Vacuum founders Alexander Bard/Anders Wollbeck.
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17/June/2003 - Added a new rubric Solo Carrier
There you can see the things, made by Vacuum members out of their Vacuum carrier. In the meantime some complete songs, written by Lindblom/Wollbeck for Alcazar and Julie Berthelsen, are available there for downloading. Later there will be added much more interesting things.
After the introducing available songs you can vote for new question "What you think about Mattias as songwriter" of the poll in the right column. The rest polls are here.
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10/June/2003 - Updated Live Photos and Lyrics page
22 photos of Vacuum from their April performance in Moscow club Golden Palace were added in Live Photos department. Special thanks to Dmitry S for them.
In Lyrics page there were added the lyrics of "Overcome", "Ana's Song" and "What kind of fool", kindly provided by Anatoly Ivanov and Marianna. Also there were added word for word translations of Vacuum songs into Russian as the auxiliary handbook for Russian version of Vacuum Glossary.
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05/June/2003 - Updated Live Photos and Remixes & Covers
14 photos from Chayka-5 fest were added in Live Photos rubric. In Remixes & Covers department you can download Icaros Dance Instrumental remix by Anatoly Savenkov.
Also for your numerous requests there were added at last the schedule of Chatting. See it in the right column.
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