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21/March/2005 - Vacuum on Greek radio
Vacuum's song "Mind Your Mind" has just came in the Top 30 or Power FM radio right on the #1 top position. A good start!
Also among the other Greek radio-tops, you can hear Mind Your Mind in Loud FM Radio Top20 and in Viva FM Top50. It would be very good to release this song as a single ;).
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20/March/2005 - Vacuum's Ukrainean update
6 years ago in the 20th of March, 1999, Vacum performed a great concert in Kiev. To this date we prepared some stuff for you: you can download the video from that concert in Live Vacuum Video rubric, and read a short new interview with Mattias about Ukraine.
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16/March/2005 - Chat log with Mattias #5
It took quite a lot of time to put the lines in order and publish online, sorry, but now you can read the log of that december chat!
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02/March/2005 - Vacuum is still in Australia
Australian Vacuum fans (as well as the rest Australians :)) can wait for "Your whole life is leading up to this" in the 4th of April.
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