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21/March/2009 - Wollbeck/Lindblom downdate :)
Some old missed songs written by Wollbeck/Lindblom were found in the internet and added to our pages. Check out a six years old song by Hungarian singer Venus, song 鬼主意 by singer 希婕, remake of What You Dont Know by Orchestra Alec Medina, and yet another version of Leave No Heart Behind - now in Czech language.
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20/March/2009 - Wollbeck/Lindblom update: Wild at That
A song Wild at That written by Anders Wollbeck, Mattias Lindblom and Daniel Presley and three more songs produced and mixed by Vacuum have been released on a brand-new album "Undress to the Beat" by Jeanette Biedermann.
Check it out on our Wollbeck/Lindblom page!
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18/March/2009 - Wollbeck/Lindblom update: Half the Way
Sean Mac has published a new video for acoustic version of the song Half the Way written by Wollbeck/Lindblom & Sean Mac.
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