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30/May/2003 - Updated Live Photos gallery
There were added 23 nice photos from Vacuum performance in Peterburgh in the 26th of April, 2003.
The photos were taken and kindly provided by Simargl, so thanks to him and his digital cam.
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28/May/2003 - Chat for you
Dear friends, today we together with open a Chat Room for you. We really hope, it will be not empty, as you will have access to it from the both sites. So feel free to chat there right now or to read a story of previous chattings.
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22/May/2003 - Updated Press photos department
There were added some photos of Marina in Page band and a pack of nice photos from making "Tonnes Of Attraction" video.
The photos were kindly provided by Marina Schiptjenko.
Also stylish Marina's wallpaper has been at last added to Vacuum Wallpapers.
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21/May/2003 - Peterburg concert was chancelled
So all, who bought tickets to the fest just to see Vacuum, can change back their tickets (call 325-20-75 for more info).
But 25th of May there will be shown a televersion of Chaika 5 on Ukrainean channel "Inter".
The information was provided by Anatoly Ivanov

In Live photos department you can see more promiced photos from Chaika.
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20/May/2003 - Interview comes...
Kiev is really grateful city for Vacuum. After the wave of Fans Reports there is turn for exclusive interviews from Chaika 5. The first of them "Ukraine for Vacuum - this is almost like at home" you can read site. The interview is in Ukrainean.
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20/May/2003 - The photos from Chaika 5
In Live Photos department you can find some beautiful photos from Chaika 5 festival. More photos will be added tomorrow in the evening.
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19/May/2003 - More reporting from Chaika!
Fans reports department was updated with another reports about Vacuum at Chaika. One of them was written by Svetlana P. Her poem impressions about the concert you can see here.
And the second humoured report (with a pic of Mattias' authograph) was kindly provided by Irina Ivahnenko.
Judging by the warm reports from Kiev, Mattias should visit the city again and again with the concerts. :)
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18/May/2003 - Vacuum at Chaika 5 - more info
upd: Read detailed report in English and Russian by Marianna in Fans reports department.

Yesterday Vacuum performed as a guest at Chaika festival. Although Vacuum doesn't suit for the style of that festival, the public reaction was very hot! The crowd sung with Mattias and demanded "I Breathe", which was performed in the end. Mattias also was in "concert mood", worked 100% good and banged the crowd.
Here is the list of performed songs:
1. It's easier (it's not the title of the song, it is just the first words there, becuase Mattias didn't announced its title)
2. Power
3. Culture Of Night
4. Fools Like Me Can Change
5. My Melting Mood
6. Icaros
7. Anas Song
8. Starting (Where The Story Ended)
9. I Breathe
All songs except I Breathe sounded in another way: more strong and expressive. Acoustically Mattias performed the only Anas song.
More info hopefully will come soon.
The info was kindly provided by Marianna
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13/May/2003 - Vacuum at 300 Sankt-Peterburg anniversary.
In the 25th of May Vacuum will perform at the large Kirov stadium celebrating the 300 anniversary of the city together with such famous Swedish bands as Army of Lovers or Bosson. You can read more about it here at Subspace page. What is interesting in SSC review, that Vacuum was called "duo". Did they mean left Marina or backstaged Anders Wollbeck or some new member?
Also as you can see, new Vacuum album is sheduled to release in 2004. Ok, let's be patient...
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12/May/2003 - Lindblom/Wollbeck for Alcazar
Today there was released album of popular Swedish band Alcazar's, which contains a couple of songs written by Wollbeck/Lindblom duo. The rumours about Mattias as songwriter for Alcazar had taken place from the March of 2002 at our site, and now they were confirmed by this glamourous album. So those fans, who are interested in non-vacuum activity of Lindblom, Wollbeck or Alex Bard, can buy the album in E-store Skivhugget. What's also interesting at Skivhugget's site, that Vacuum is number 1 in Sweden for export CD sales.
To read some review by David Haglund to the new Alcazar songs, written by Wollbeck/Linblom, click here:
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11/May/2003 - Updated Fans Remixes rubric
This time you can find there another funny easy instrumental version of Let The Mountain Come To Me by Anatoly Savenkov.
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06/May/2003 - Vacuum to play in Odessa - more info
The concert of Vacuum in Odessa will take place in the club "Yo!" ( "!") in the 16th of May at 00:00. The entrance costs about 14$ and booking table costs 44-70$. You can phone directly to the club for more info: 37-15-15. The address of club: Odessa, Polski Spusk, 15.
Special thanks to Maxim Zemlyanski for the info!
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06/May/2003 - Updated Fans Remixes department
There were added 2 remixes of Nuclear India (instrumental) and Ripples On The Surface made and kindly provided by Satellite. Thanks to him very much!
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03/May/2003 - Late updates: report and video
In Fans reports rubric you can read a short report about Vacuum in "Plaza" club kindly provided by Sveta.
And also you can download the video of Vacuum at "Star Factory" show (320x240, 400 kbs, DivX). Please surf to recovered Vacuum in Russian TV rubric.
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