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24/November/2004 - Fan videomix for They Do It (updated)
Fans Videomixes rubric has been updated with the next videomix: new Vacuum video They Do It + Jesus Christ The Superstar, kindly provided by The God.
PS: Fixed the problem with the broken link of the video.
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22/November/2004 - Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This in Russia & Vacuum E-shop
The release date of the new album in Russia is sheduled to the 9th of December. Soon...
Also, Vacuum decided to open its own e-store for the fans! So please, take part in the voting for the question "What would you like to see in Vacuum e-store"? Vote and write your opinions and sugestions on the FORUUM.
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15/November/2004 - Russian translations
A couple of Russian translations of the recent Vacuum interviews have been added to Interviews page.
Special thanks for them to Valenok.
Also, you can read new Russian translations of Vacuum songs by Lita and Annette in the Fans Translations rubric.
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12/November/2004 - Chat log #4 with Mattias Lindblom!
Chat log #4 has been added to our Chat page, so come and check it :)
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03/November/2004 - New translation (updated)
In the Interviews rubric you can read the English translation of the recent Mattias interview "With the heart as the middle of universe" from webzine. Also there has been added Russian translation (p.1).
Special thanks to Breathe and Misha Svensson for the translations, and Nukleopatra!
Also a new Russian translation by Lita is in Lyrics and translations rubric
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