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28/August/2004 - Vote for Vacuum
Everybody living in Sweden, please vote for Vacuum on Tracks. Tell all Your friends. Unfortunatly this is only for people living in Sweden since one has to register to vote.
Also Vacuum Music has got a new Guestbook now :).
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24/August/2004 - More live photos and a report
New high-quality photos by Mathias Bohman have been just added into our Live Photos rubric. Special thanks to David Haglund for them!
Also Stas'L kindly provided his report about Vacuum concert in casino "SOL". Russian and English versions are available in Reviews and reports rubric.
And also you can find a new thing in Singing Fans Show. This time it's Culture Of Night in French by Satellite.
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20/August/2004 - Vacuum official site online
As Vacuum desided to have an official site, today it has been opened Vacuum People at last. There you can download a new stuff - "They Do It" video, new album's samples, take part in the contest to win signed "They Do It" single and read another interesting things. Welcome there :)
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19/August/2004 - Photos from "SOL" Casino
Check out the photos from Vacuum's recent concert in Casino SOL in our Live Photos rubric.
A special thanks to Stas'L for them!
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17/August/2004 - See the the live video from Saratov
In our Live video rubric you can download the movie from Vacuum's performance in Saratov. Also let me remind to all 25000 spectators of this recent show in Saratov, that it would be very good and appreciated, if you sent us some reports or photos :)
Bad news: there was a crash of our Download database, so most of the links to the audio and video don't work. It will be repaired completely in 1-2 days.
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07/August/2004 - Some new things to download
Check out 3 new songs in "Singing Fans Show".
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04/August/2004 - More photos from Stockholm Pride
There has been just added the photos from Stockholm Pride into Live Photos department.
Special thanks to Nicuum for them!
Also you can see new Lyrics translations into Russian (by Tatiana Mezentseva and Venus) in the Translations rubric.
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01/August/2004 - More about Stockholm Pride
The following additional info has been added:
Reports rubric has been updated the the reports of David Haglund (English) and Kati (Russian).
Live photos rubric has been updated with the photos.
Live concerts rubric has been updated with the videos.
Big thanks to Kati and David Haglund for the stuff!
Singing Fans Show rubric has been updated with the "Nuclear India" by Aniv.
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01/August/2004 - Vacuum at Stockholm Pride (updated)
Yesterday there was Vacuum performance at Stockholm Pride 2004. There were 4 songs to perform on the stage:
1. I Breathe (Acoustic version)
2. Your Whole Life Is Leading Up To This
3. They Do It (together with K)
4. The Void
As it has been already written before, Anders Wollbeck took part in the performance, playing keyboards.
If someone wants to provide more details, reports or photos, feel free to write to admin.
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