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31/August/2007 - Soundtrack by Vacuum
The interview with russian actor & singer Alexey Vorobjev has been published on radio "Junost" site. According this interview, the soundtrack for his new movie was written by Vacuum. The song is called "Now or never" (it's on Russian). Vacuum wrote this song for Alexey just for 1 night. Most likely besides the movie it will be included in the new album of this singer.
The interview (in Russian) you can find here.
The song is here.
Thanks to Anatoly Ivanov for the information.
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21/August/2007 - Chat with Mattias!
The next chat with Mattias will be in our CHAT on Sunday, 26th of August, at 18:00 Swedish time (17:00 GMT, 19:00 Kiev's time, 20:00 Moscow time). You're very welcome!
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08/August/2007 - Vacuum's gig in Salekhard
Vacuum will be performed a huge gig in Salekhard (Russia, Yamal-Nenets autonomous district) at the fest of arctic region countries. Also, Mattias will be in jury of this fest. So, start to search the tickets to Salekhard for 27th-30th of September!
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